Thursday, April 3, 2014

Throwback Thursday: I married the man I hated

I prayed I'd never marry him.
You know, that prayer you whisper when you're telling God what would the absolute worst example of His match made in heaven. That was Nathan. It goes hand in hand with the "I'll go anywhere just don't send me to Africa" prayer. And, yet, here I am on my wedding day, smiling. We did get married on April Fool's Day so you can question whether it was genuine or not. It was, if you believe me.

What changed? I'm not entirely sure. We dated by default because we lived in a small town and outside of hitting the bars for my next boyfriend, Nate was pretty much ... it. 

I'd known him for five years. Was annoyed by his cocky arrogance, sharp-tongued wit, independent take-charge personality, penchant for stealing my limelight, and so on. (sound familiar? hmmm) We never lasted in the same room together for more than 20 minutes, so getting through a 30 minute Sunday School class could only be survived by acidic barbs at the other's expense.

He did redeem himself once by pretending to be my boyfriend when my ex showed up at church. It was the ultimate dig to my ex because he knew how much I despised Nate. So I was dating him now, what did that say about my ex? (yes. I do have an underlying vindictive personality when gone unchecked)

But I didn't appreciate a fake engagement proposal, or the fact he had the guts to tell me "no" when he didn't like something I did, or the way he stole my guitar and insisted we play the chords "the right way" (type A personality I am not), or how he didn't like coffee, or how he threw a pitcher of ice water down my shirt at a public restaurant.

But he didn't appreciate the way I demanded all the attention, thought logic was a waste of time, hated being serious or getting things technically correct, goaded him in public until he snapped then thought it was hilarious, and so forth.

Which is why we made the perfect match. Got engaged on a Halloween weekend. Got married on April Fool's Day. I think the joke was on us ;) 


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  1. And Jaime and Nate are perfect for each other. Iron sharpens iron! :)

  2. This is so sweet! My hubby's parents were the same way - hated each other growing up (they lived next to each other). She ended up grudgingly filling in as a bowling dinner partner with him - and the rest is history. :)

  3. God has a great sense of humor, and a great plan. You two are adorable, and you have such beautiful children. :)

    1. Kiddos -- best thing that came of us!!

  4. :) My expectation was to marry some pastor or missionary or some really goody-goody....I picked the womanizing atheist alcoholic.......In Sunday school this week, we were talking about God being a jealous God and I mentioned to the class that there was an element of love underlying that jealousy, because God knows He's the best "lover" not some sleazeball you meet at the bar. My husband turned to me with his eyebrow raise and said, "you do remember what kind of man you chose, right?" And we all laughed. Thank God he's not that anymore.

    1. OHHHHHHH Melissa, do NOT make me laugh out loud in Starbucks like that ever again!!!! :) "womanizing atheist alcoholic" LOVE God's redemption story!! He's the master love story writer!! :)

  5. Jaime, I can't believe you married someone that doesn't like coffee! But on second thought, that leaves more for you....

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  7. Fun post, Jaime - it DOES sound like the two of you deserve each other (LOL)!! Congrats on a happy marriage!!


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