Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Goal Setting

It's the end of another month. Can you believe April has flown by?

Those folks who know me, know I love to make goals at the start of each month. Most of the goals have to do with my writing, but I also set other goals as well.

When I set these goals, I have a couple of criteria that I use.

1. Is the goal quantifiable? How else will I know if I attain it if I can't quantify it? Don't set a goal like "Write a lot of words." Put a number on it. Write 5K words a week, or 30K for the month.

2. Is it realistic? "Write 100K words this month." That's quantifiable, but it isn't realistic. Take into account your responsibilities, your schedule, and your life before you set your goals.

Since I set goals on a monthly basis, then there is always a time element. If your goal has no deadline, you don't feel compelled to work at it.

There's also an accountability angle. I tend to post my goals on my personal blog, or my Facebook Page, or tell my family about my goals. If there's no accountability, I cut myself too much slack.

So, since it's the eve of a new month, here are some of my goals for May:

  • Write at least 25K words on a new story.
  • Write 8 blog posts
  • Clean out my closet and gather five bags of things to be donated from around the house.
  • Plant my flowerbeds and flowerpots

How about you? Are you a goal setter? What are some of your goals for the month of May?


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  1. I hope to have the sun room Spring cleaned and furniture re-arranged by the end of next week. Been too chilly to work out there even with the little heater during the day. I need a couple of sunny days so I can wash all the windows.

  2. Goals rock!!! My goals for April: write 20K and pass the 1/2way mark on my latest book, lose 5 lbs and stick to my new eating lifestyle, and do one Pinterest project with my daughter just for sheer fun!

    1. Oh. And clean out my car from winter :P

  3. I'm a sometimes list maker. If I set goals I get too stressed, and I certainly don't need that right now! My mom is in the hospital, we're still keeping grandbabies, I'm working extra days this week and I turn the BIG 6-0 this coming Saturday!!

  4. I used to be a goal-setter, but present circumstances have made this a bit of a chimerical exercise. At the moment, walking to the mailbox - about 200 yards down our dirt road - and back without passing out is pretty good. A trip to WalMart is impossible now.

    Nice thing is that I have an escort of local dogs. They'll come to my house when the mail comes, walk me down the road - and stop me if they think I'm in trouble. Then two of them will offer their backs so I can ease myself to the ground, and another one will 'have my back', leaning up against me so I can lean.

    No one taught them this. They're just doggy dogs, but somehow they realized they have a job they can do.

  5. Such wonderful and helpful discipline, Erica!! I'm sure I used to have many goals - large and small - at one time, but age, illness (such as Andrew mentioned), and retirement have greatly lessened the size of my goals. They are much smaller now, and some of my goals for April/May were/are to plant hanging baskets and flower pots (as is yours), straighten my bedroom closet (already completed), have carpets shampooed, have my car customized, have someone clean my condo (already completed), and organize my many books (also already completed). Thanks for the reminder!!

  6. My goals for May are to graduate and get my driver's license. The first one shouldn't be too difficult to meet since I take my final exam in 2 weeks. The second may be a little harder since parallel parking is still kicking my butt. I'll get it figured out eventually. :)


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