Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Writer's Weekends, Words, Whines, & Woes

We did it. We finally convened on my house for our annual writer's weekend! Ohhhhh the memories of our weekend together. Anne joined me on Thursday night and our dear friend, Laurie joined us on Friday, making our circle complete...minus one, our Halee. (another introduction for another day)

So you want an inside peek into what happens when three fledgling writers get together to brainstorm? 

We all crack open our laptops, pull up our books and start ... TO PANIC!!
It's great.

Anne and Laurie had the first real looming deadlines. Both of them were preparing for a huge writing contest and their entries were due--now. Poor Laurie hadn't even started to write her synopsis. Picture reading an entire book then summarizing its entire context in one page. Yep. That's a contest synopsis.
So Anne popped open her laptop and we let Laurie talk it out. Take us through her book from chapter one to chapter end. It left us swooning. She read us the last two pages and then called for a waiter to mop Anne off the floor. I had already passed out--almost--literally. We realized Jaime had imbibed in too much coffee and not enough coffee.

Anne. She had the contest to prep for and her next book to flesh out. Her first draft is UH Mazing. Pure genius. But like all writers, she needed more direction, more depth, more bad things happening to good people to make this story pop. We plotted, planned, giggled, swooned some
more and determined that yes, worse things COULD happen to her heroine and make the story just THAT much more interesting. Not that she needed us. Anne is already well on her way toward writing her breakout debut novel. I just know it. And the way we carried a dreamy Laurie into the house after, promises that Anne writes a knock out hero. :)

We moved on to my deadline. I have a proposal due for an unwritten book which means plotting out an entire book so I can write a synopsis on a story that's yet to be told. After, Anne and Laurie performed CPR on me, I was able to catch a breath, wipe away the tears, and focus. They plotted, pressed, interrogated me. Who is your hero? What drives him? What's his biggest lie that he believes? Who is your heroine? Why is she this or that? Who is the villain? Who is the decoy villain? What's their darkest moment and what makes it even worse?

But we did it! After copious amounts of coffee, chocolate, giggles, and tears, Laurie and Anne nailed their contest deadlines and are officially entered! My synopsis is completed and I'm starting my book with the looming deadline of September for completion. (And trust me, September will come FAST!)

How do writers write alone? I have no clue! I couldn't do this without them. My sisters!

Who drives you forward in life?


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  1. Love this!! Looks like you guys had so much fun. I had my own getaway with my craft partner, the awesome Lindsay Harrel, last weekend in Phoenix. Although...we didn't really do any work. Haha! But this summer we're getting together with our two other writing partners, Gabrielle and Alena, up in Minnesota and we'll actually do some writing-related work (mostly brainstorming) then. I'm with you, though--I don't know how people can write without writing friends pushing them forward.

    1. sometimes you NEED a weekend with NO WORK!! LOL Although I'm not sure Anne and Laurie and I could not work. We're concocting stories out fo the foam on our lattes. LOL

    2. Sounds like you had a much needed girl-time though Melissa!

  2. I just returned from a writing weekend with the incomparable Mary Connealy and sweet, funny Dawn Ford. We had a brainstorming session and we all wrote like crazy.

    My family is key to my writing process. They listen to my plots, relisten to my plots, re-re-listen to my get the idea. :)

    1. Great for you. My daughter is in professional writing and sometimes we sit and write or read together in silence, which is awesome! But she writes fantasy and I write historical romance. Glad your family can be a sounding board for you!

  3. Not being a writer, and being retired - there aren't a lot of deadlines for me to meet. So - I guess I would have to say that God is the one that drives me forward in life. I consult Him in all decisions, and try to complete those things that He speaks to me - in the way that He would have me do.

    Jaime, I really enjoyed the post about the writer's weekend and like learning what goes into writing the novels I love. For me, and other interested non-writers - please explain the sequence and definition of each of the phases and terms re: writing from the first idea through publishing and promoting, etc..


    1. Oh, great questions Bonnie! Thanks for some blogpost ideas. We are always open to writing posts on what our readers would like to hear about!


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