Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thursday's Coffee: On Amtrak!

Jaime just left Chicago last night. I'm just behind her on the Amtrak train to visit her. This year we have our dear friend and critique partner, Laurie Tomlinson, joining us on Friday! I was so excited I woke up fifteen minutes before my alarm and left the house, forgetting my second cup of coffee. But the train has very good coffee and great leg room to spread out. The down side is the several hour lay-over I have in Chicago. So, I'm writing from the cafe outside the Corner Bakery in Union Station downtown Chicago. And no, this country girl from a dead-end dirt road will NOT be venturing out on the streets during this lay-over! I should be in Wisconsin Dells by suppertime and Jaime and I will pick up pizza for her family at our favorite place. Can't wait to reunite with her sweet kiddos, and just TALK all evening!!

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  1. Yes, the streets of Chicago are a little scary. I have traveled by Amtrak many times to either Milwaukee or Chicago. Did you meet any interesting people on the train? I live in Onalaska, Wi so have been to or driven by the Dells lots.

  2. Hi, Anne!

    Good idea not to venture out on the streets of Chicago alone - especially if you've never been there, I wouldn't either! Have you ever been to Chicago, or the Wisconsin Dells? It didn't bother you to ride the train alone?

    Glad you're getting to visit with Jaime and Laurie - such fun! Do you have to return to work Monday?

    Be careful, and be blessed!!

  3. P.S. Forgot to say - I have toured the Dells with a girlfriend, and loved it! I was driving, and remember stopping numerous time to take pictures of beautiful flowers!

    Have also been to Chicago - but only to drive through on the way to a neat restaurant that was a converted airplane hangar, was located on an airfield, and you could hear planes take off - while you were eating! Can't remember the name - was with friends! This was while I was working in Elkhart, In..

    Have never ridden on Amtrak, though - and would love to take a trip on it, and stop off at all the national parks on the west coast!


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