Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Chicago Crazies

I'm in Chicago writing a blog post at 11pm after 10 hours of meetings and 2 hours of book plotting for a proposal due in a few weeks to my agent. I'm brain dead. But! Help is on the way!

Enter Anne Love. Arriving at MY HOUSE Thursday night! Yes! It's that time of year. Our writer's retreat! And this year we're joined by Laurie Tomlinson. Sheeeeeesh. This work week in Chicago is bringing them to my doorstep fast.

So forgive this pathetic blog post written on my cell phone. Just keep checking back here for an insider's look into a writer's retreat weekend. Fun stuff to come!


  1. Hope you ladies have a fabulous weekend! I'm hanging out with my crit partner, the awesome LIndsay Harrel, next weekend in Phoenix. Can. not. wait.

  2. Awesome, hope the two of you have a great time!!

  3. Have been following you ladies, and your pics and comments, on Facebook - all weekend, Jaime!! Loved the updates, and happy you were all blessed to spend the time together!! I'm sure Melissa and Lindsay will have a wonderful time also - such fun!! Too bad it can't be more often for all of you!!


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