Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bucket List: Visit Ancestral Homes

Vacation dilemmas at our house: mountains vs. beach?
See old things vs. see new things....

But a bucket list is supposed to be your personally individualized vacation plan--not someone else's. I have about three or four family homesteads that are still standing that I'd like to visit. One of them is this beauty I discovered this week:

This is the Evans's House. Robert Evans bought 300 acres on Big Elk Creek in 1730. He built a forge here in 1775. Under ownership of his son, John, this forge was thought to be the only one other than Paul Revere's to supply rolled copper in 1812. A three-story fieldstone structure constructed in several phases. The larger addition dates to about the 1820's and the smaller center section appears to be earlier. There was a tannery, grist and saw mill, and copper rolling mill on the property.

I also found an advertisement...wait for it...anyone can rent this property for $1 a year, in exchange for spending $250,000 over five to seven years to restore this lovely old structure. Sigh. If only....

Next: I'd love to visit this ancestral home of Phillip Sherman. After settling in the Massachusetts Bay Colony he became a follower of the dissident ministers, John Wheelwright and Anne Hutchinson. The movement caused him and other followers to become banished. He joined the Quakers and settled on the north east end of Aquidneck Island in what is present day Portsmouth, Rhode Island. For more, click the link: Phillip Sherman.

His original home built in 1670 still stands:

Rhode Island road trip!

Third on the Bucket List Roadtrip is Squire Boone's homestead where Daniel Boone was born.
My husband's family lines trace back to Daniel's grandfather. The home is located in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and was built between 1731 and 1741.

I've already visited this ancestral home of Hans Herr built in 1710 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. What a gem! Read more: Hans Herr House.

The best thing would be to write some stories about these places!
What's on you bucket list?

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  1. Very cool! I love that you can trace your family back that far! My bucket list...I would love to visit The British Museum.

  2. I love these homesteads! What fun it would be to visit them.
    I really want to go to Ireland and Scotland to visit the cemeteries where my ancestors are buried. We can trace back to the last king of Scotland!

  3. Erica, that sounds fun, I'll have to Google it. Susan, the King of Scotland? So awesome. Shouldn't you have an ancestral castle somewhere??

  4. Thanks for the pics and history lesson, Anne - love the stonework in the buildings!

    I think The British Museum - Erica mentioned - may be the museum my son and family toured when they were in London last year.

    Like Susan - I would love to tour Scotland! I have ancestors there also - on my maternal grandmother's side, the MacGregor's.

    Closer to home, I would love to tour Historic St. Mary's City, Maryland - it has been declared a national historic landmark, and if you haven't seen it - you would probably love it also, Anne! An archeological dig has been going on there for 30 years, uncovering the original buildings. According to Wikipedia - it is considered the birthplace of religious freedom in America, was the founding of the Colony of Maryland, and is the 4th oldest permanent English settlement in the U.S.. An ancestor of my maternal grandfather, Garret Van Sweringen owned an inn there, and was a leader in the development of the city. My brother has toured it, and the cemetery, but I haven't had the opportunity.

    Also on my bucket list to visit is The Holy Land, and the Polynesian Islands.


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