Friday, March 21, 2014

Book Report: A Heart's Rebellion

It's been years since I read a Ruth Axtell novel, and when I went back to relocate it, I realized it was her debut novel. So it was a joy to pick up this beautiful book (I don't like pink all that much but seriously, I'd wear that dress ... with my red Chucks of course).

Pros about A Heart's Rebellion:


Cons about A Heart's Rebellion:


I really honestly went into this book with a jaded doubt, mainly because I have my preferred queens of Regency romance in the Inspirational category. But Ruth Axtell did herself proud. While not as meaty with the era as Julie Klassen or Sarah Ladd, it's still rife with beauty, romance, captains, India missionaries, rakes, rogues and ruffians.

It was nice to have a hero who didn't start out striking me as intensely attractive. I mean a hero with flaming orange hair is hard to wrap my head around. And the heroine had spectacles which I found charming, but apparently (I did not know this) were a shameful accessory in Regency times. (Jaime whips off black coke-bottle glasses)

The plot was simple, it wasn't super layered or crazy with dark shadowed gothic lore. It was pure romance, and our dear little heroine Jessamine Barry was quite the seeker-out of trouble. But I liked that it wasn't so much because she was headstrong, as much as she was swept into the societal adrenalin of courts and handsome charmers.

It's worth a thorough read and it's a buy that won't disappoint!

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  1. No lurking, so I can't wait until one day I'm freaking out and writing a review of your books, Anne and Jaime!

  2. All right, I am officially excited to read this book! Thanks for sharing the great review!

  3. Thanks for the review, Jaime!! Sounds like one that I would enjoy!!


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