Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When Love Doesn't Make Sense

Love doesn't make sense when your newborn is taken from you to the NICU and placed on oxygen and other various forms of life support.

Love doesn't make sense when you find the incubator next to them empty the following day and you wonder if that little one passed on through eternal gates or went home in loving arms.

Love doesn't make sense when you spend an entire weekend nauseated because your four-year old daughter is four hours away, feverish, and suffering from a violent sinus infection.

Love doesn't make sense when you drag yourself from bed at three in the morning because your almost-two-year old is crying and thinks it's time to bond with mommy.

Love doesn't make sense when you visit your Gramma in the old folks' home and she struggles to remember who you are--not to mention completely forgets your mother is her daughter and instead thinks she's her sister.

Love doesn't make sensewhen your admin allows the coffee to run out and you go for a refill and hear that spitting sound of death, meaning the pump in the carafe has nothing more to pump out.

Love doesn't make sensewhen you spend all weekend organizing and cleaning before a hectic week at work and come home to Tornado Family having hit and no Red Cross relief available.

Love doesn't make sense when the word comes that your parents are putting your childhood home up for sale and needing to scale back...because they're older now.

Love doesn't make sense when you haven't had a date with your husband in over a year and a movie? What's that? You are ships passing in the night, feeling like you're giving all for others and so little seems to come back around.

Love doesn't make sense when you bury three lost babies in your soul and heart and never got to hold them but yet they're as alive to you as the day you discovered their new life--and you think of them every. single. day.

Love doesn't make sensewhen a Father gives His Son to save the lives of others and they never even notice.

Love doesn't make sense
But yet we do it anyway.
Because, that is love. 


  1. Such a touching post, Jaime!! Often things in the name of love - DON'T make sense to us here on earth. I have wondered how much sense Christ's death truly made - to His mother, Mary?? Some things will never make sense until we reach heaven and they are explained to us - until then we, as Christians, can rest assured that one day they WILL make sense, and we continue to love through all our struggles, both big and small, because we inherited it from the maker of love Himself!!

    1. You added the epilogue I felt I should've posted to this blog, Bonnie!! thank you!! HOPE and TRUTH!

  2. ...and such a radical inheritance it is Bonnie.

  3. God is Love, period. We love because He first loved us.

    1. AMEN!! HE is our Teacher in all things LOVE

  4. Replies
    1. Real. Some days we need REAL love, don't we?

  5. <3 <3 <3

    Love this. I'm proud of you. Such a strong friend.

  6. This is lovely, but I also "hear" you on the challenges of family/career. I have never been so conflicted over working as I was this last year. It was a lesson in "be careful what you wish for." I wanted a challenging job that paid well and really upped my game. Uh, NO I DID NOT. Not with a marriage and young children.


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