Monday, February 24, 2014

When I CAN Turns Into I AM

Wait for the Lord, be strong and wait for the Lord ...
I love that verse in all its beautiful simplicity. In some ways, it's like God gently saying to me "shut up", with a tender smile on His face. It goes hand in hand with "be still and know that I am God". I AM. When Moses asked who was sending him to Pharaoh, he was asking God to distinguish Himself from all the gods Moses knew. From the Egyptian gods and the Midianite gods. They all had a purpose.
So which one are you, God?
Who is sending me?
I Am.
I Am above all other gods. I supersede them in strength, in glory, in power, in might, in every way.
I Am.

And yet I somehow imagine that I Can do better than I AM. I Can is a sad little delusional piece of myself. Like the little engine that could, only it really couldn't ... like the Disney wish upon a star idea ... go ahead ... you Can ... but it won't work. Or the all to prevalent theology of today ... I Can ... I have the power within myself if I work hard enough ... I Can... oh, shucks ... I Can't.

I think I'm better off being I Can't today. Though it isn't always a relaxing place to be because I keep reaching out to catch myself. Like when we're driving on the edge of a cliff and there's a deep chasm, so I hold onto the car door because I Can.
What's the door gonna do for you if we fall? husband asks
I dunno.
Save you? he grins.
I dunno.
You're still going over, with the door or without. he states in all his simple logic.
I Can. I Can hold onto the door. Leave me alone.
Holding onto life is like holding onto a car door. You can do whatever you think You Can if you want to, but in the end, you're still going over the side, with or without your illusion of control.

I Am has distinguished Himself as higher than you. Did you know that? He supersedes you. He knows more than you. He doesn't act within your perimeters and He doesn't need your assistance.
I can't.
Be strong.
I'm not.
Take heart.
I Am.

Do you need to know any more??


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  1. This is great Jaime, I needed this reminder today

  2. Thank goodness God wants us to ask for His help.


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