Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What Movies Give You the Heebie-Jeebies?

I know I'm stepping on the book cover of a beloved classic, and more recently on the face of Johnny Depp, but Alice in Wonderland is psycadellic. And, yes, I realize I spelled "psycadellic" wrong - but hey - it's Alice in Wonderland - anything goes, right? Alice has endeared herself to the generations as probably the only semi-normal character in a story or more specifically movie that models itself after a trip on speed. Yes, it's the great fairy tale, the child's jaunt into a world of stressed out rabbits, bi-polar queens, leering cats, and mad hatters border on the worst case of ADHD I've ever seen. Really, it's a schizophrenic trip into just about every psychological disorder known to man. Minus a really good therapist. Yes, Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter - now that's a face that will lull a child to sleep!

I had nightmares when I was a little girl after seeing Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland. It terrified me that I could fall into a rabbit hole and very possibly never get home. I loved cats - but the Cheshire cat just about ruined that for this eight-year-old. And don't get me started on a deck of cards. My goodness. I could hardly play Goldfish after seeing the King of Spades and Queen of Hearts (or whatever they were) dancing around and singing in voices that weren't going to make it on American Idol, that's for sure.

So why IS Alice in Wonderland a classic? Is it the trip of randomness that people like? Am I just too much of a control freak? But think about it: Lewis Carroll took every risk known to a writer. Just when the story got wierd, it got that much WIERDER. Ok, Ok, so it all gets resolved when we realize poor little Alice is dreaming ... but let me tell you why I really hate Alice in Wonderland...

Last night I dreamed there was a 6' tall plastic mannequin dressed in a thigh-length, green wool pea-coat chasing me. I was on an elevator with a young child from church and every time the door opened the mannequin was just outside. I kept slamming my finger onto a different button and the door would close just as she reached for me. Until finally ... Floor ELEVEN ... she reached BEFORE the doors closed. The only thing I could in my psychodellic world of techni-color pea coats was to launch myself forward to bite her hand off! Imagine my surprise when I awoke ... in bed ... as I launched myself forward snapping my teeth like a pirahna.

That's why I don't like Alice in Wonderland ... because I AM Alice in Wonderland. Needless to say, I've decided to dump the Historical Suspense genre in which I write and follow in the footsteps of thriller-horror writer, Ted Dekker. My new book title? Floor Eleven.

What movies give YOU the heebie-jeebies?


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  1. Okay, so this image was the first I saw when I opened my eyes this morning and I'm terrified now.

    The movies that give me the heebie jeebies are the ones that are claymation/stop-motion. Anything with faces that move unnaturally. Anything with clowns. Clowns are the worst!

  2. The Chuckie Doll, no doubt! Will not watch those movies, just caught a glimpse of a few scenes in the past and that was enough!

  3. But I also got the heebie jeebies from the movie "IT" based on a book by Stephen King. I had read the book so I HAD to see the movie. Anything with a clown, no good! Remember the real life clown killer?
    By the way Jaime I like your idea for the new book. I read Ted Dekker a lot!

    1. Stephen King can be either really intriguing or just down right terrifying!1

  4. What a fun post! I never saw the new Alice in Wonderland because of how weird it looked. I remember the Disney animated version made me anxious as a child because I didn't understand that Alice was dreaming and thought she was really lost. Another one that traumatized me was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- I thought all the kids really died in that creepy place!

    1. Yeah, Charlie and the CF was creepy too. Especially Depp's new version which supposedly is more like the original book.

  5. The Notebook. But then, I am over a half century old which pretty much equates to me being half dead already so any movie that portrays the death of old people freaks me out.

  6. Alice in Wonderland definitely tops the list of animated movies. It scared me as a child and I saw the original live one, so I couldn't even consider seeing the new one! It looks horrible and even creepier than the usual Alice in Wonderland. Other movies that give me the creeps are any horror - the commercials freak me out, so I've never watched any of them. And claymation ones are just weird. :(

  7. I have not seen that Alice for that reason - it looked creepy. Oh my gosh, what kind of dream is that?! What did you eat before bed?! I think the snow is finally getting to me here in MI - last night I dreamed I crashed into the plow of one of those huge snow plows. I woke up as I was slamming into it. Yeah, nice. I had a hard time sleeping after that. LOL
    Any horror movie creeps me out. Ever see The Tale of Despereaux, the kid's movie? Don't bother. I can't believe that's a kids movie. LOL

  8. The Chuckie doll movies, and The Shining!! I thought you writers dreamed about the characters in your works in progress - are you hiding something from us (LOL)??


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