Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thursday's Coffee: Nostalgia

From my preschool years through elementary school I spent hours at my Amish babysitters house playing with my brother and my dear friend.
I stumbled across this photo on Pinterest this week and a rush of memories flooded back from those days.

I can remember being dropped off in the dark. It must have been winter. We ate breakfast there often. There were yummy smells of fried eggs and fresh baked bread. But I must have been most fascinated when Delbert sat at the table and used a coffee grinder like this one to grind up the coffee. My mom got hers from a can after all. I never knew that one could grind their own.But Delbert knew the best way to make fresh coffee to warm his insides before he headed out across the frozen barn yard, milk pale in one hand, gas lantern in the other--its light scattered across the snowy yard.

Share your nostalgic coffee memories!

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  1. My grandmother loved to make coffee. We joked that she had more coffee pots than anyone we knew. I remember the stove top percolators she used and the pinch of salt she put in the "filter" to knock off the bitter. We thought she was "moving on up" when she got an electric table top percolator. I still remember seeing the coffee shoot up in the glass "bulb" on top, just like in the Maxwell House commercial, good to the last drop!

  2. Ok ... I really want one of those hand crank grinders now!

  3. Such a pretty, comforting picture you painted, bringing back memories! Thanks, Ann!

    My parents were never coffee drinkers, but I certainly remember my grandparents perking their coffee just as Gail does - on the stove! Another coffee related memory: my grandparents used coffee can lids to get me a walking doll for Christmas one year. I still have it - my piano teacher had two of the same doll, one with red hair, and one a brunette, while mine has blonde hair.


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