Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Old Pictures Inspire New Stories

When you're a writer, you're always seeking new inspiration.  And my life isn't inspiring enough, so I'm forced to look outward. In spite of the plethora of ideas that come just from sitting in Starbucks and watching people, Pinterest has become my new fodder for story ideas.

I mean, switch to the "History" tab in Pinterest and your world comes alive. Ok. Here's an example of how my brain works. Picture to the left: The two women chatting are mother and daughter of a corner shop. The father recently passed, the daughter has big dreams but mother is coaching her on the necessity of devoting one's self to their store. It's all they have left afterall. However, the man in the shadows is the land lord. He's come to collect. If they don't have the money to pay their debts, he's fine taking the daughter as payment. Duhn Duhn Duhn. Enter suspense, blackmail, and potential for a knight in shining armor.

Or another example:

This man makes shoes. He's humble, the older brother of a family of orphan and he makes his way. He doesn't expect one of his tools to be stolen and found to be the weapon that took the life of the man who has designs to steal the most beautiful woman in town. He has to set out to prove his innocence and escape not only the murderer's vicious intent, but the entrapment this woman makes on his heart.

Oh GEE!!! Now I want to go write!!!

Can you see?? This is how a writer's mind works!

Ok. Your turn. What stories do these pictures shove into your brain? Or would you rather just read them?


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  1. I'm a reader, not a writer, a lover, not a fighter, ha! I'm impressed with your imagination. I just follow directions. I'm not creative enough to do on my own. Example, with my crocheting, I do fine as long as I have a pattern to go by. I even have to copy color patterns because I'm not creative enough to put them together on my own.

  2. My stories aren't nearly as creative as yours, Jaime - love seeing how your mind works (LOL), and can see how pictures such as these could inspire storylines!! Thanks for the insight!!


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