Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday's Coffee: I Need a Cape!

I'll take it black, with some routine, and a medium sized cape!

Routine went out the window when my daughter came home from college December 18th. It was such a treat to come home and see that she had done the dishes, yet my little house elf works on a different schedule than me. Then my husband and son had off two weeks for their school breaks. I took a few days off work to run to the various family gatherings, then covered a busy office while my partner was out. Phew!

Last Friday, which really felt like Tuesday, I announced how nice it would be to have a "normal" week again come Monday. That was before the blizzard of 2014 hit and my son and husband's break was extended three more days. I made it to work over icy roads---er, with my cape--in subzero windchill, for half a day Tuesday--which felt like Monday. 

I even put some important papers in that place "so I will know where I put them"--otherwise known as the black hole. And well, you know the rest of that story. And I scheduled an important bill to be paid online so that the holiday schedule wouldn't distract me and make me forget--but alas, I still had that "hope I don't forget this" feeling and accidentally paid it again. 

So, you see, this Mama needs a CAPE!

Tomorrow, barring rising creeks and disappearing capes, I SHALL have some ROUTINE--and some strong black coffee! 

One happy Super Mama. :) 

Just call 1-800-SUPER-CAPE to order yours! :)

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  1. I think it's normal to want a little routine in our lives. The holidays throw us all off our schedules. I'll get on the phone today and order my own personal cape!

  2. I need a cape just to make my to-do list for today. It's long.

  3. Funny how a change in routine can throw us "for a loop", isn't it? Even though my routine has become VERY lax, since I retired 6 years ago. I think age must have something to do with it, also - as it takes me longer to get back into my lax routine, after houseguests have departed, and after returning from overnight travels, etc..

    Another reason is probably familiarity. When I travel - whether it's just overnight, or longer - I'm always glad to get home, but at the same time - feel a little disappointed, and miss the place/people I just left. I can remember feeling that way, as far back as childhood - when I would visit my grandmother. Anyone else experience those feelings, or is it just "weird" me (LOL)?

    1. I call those the "in between" times Bonnie. Hate the "in between" feeling when you leave something, but haven't really felt you've arrived yet, or belong yet, or are at home yet. Blech. Not just weird you! Weird me too!


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