Tuesday, January 14, 2014

In Desperate Need of Liquid Sunshine!

Last week we had a huge blizzard here in the Midwest. From last week to this week, there's been huge temperature gradient, from -39 wind chill to today's 46 degrees and sunny. I was bummed I had to be inside all day staring at the computer screen. Sunday my husband took me to get fast food for lunch and parked me in the sunshine to bask while he ordered. I realized I had lost track of the number of weeks it's been since I've felt the sun on my skin, in my face, or on the backs of my eyelids.

It's January in Indiana, and I'm in desperate need of some liquid sunshine in any of these forms!

My back yard in June

Cayo Casta State Park, FL

Quiet morning in the Caribbean

Or especially an all day coffee guzzle at the Blue Spoon with Jaime! 

Do you ever get the winter doldrums?
What's your Sunshine of choice on a dreary January day??
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  1. After having skin cancer I have to be very careful when I do get outside in the sun, but I love outdoors and camping. We go every chance we get, no matter what season. It doesn't get very cold here in Alabama, although it did last week! My liquid sunshine choice? COFFEE, always!!

    1. Oh I love camping Gail!! And coffee over the fire pit....ohhhhhh yes!

  2. Oh yes, here in MI I am desperately in need of sunshine! I'm going to pretend I'm on a cruise in the Caribbean soaking it up. :) (along with my liquid sunshine, lattes to go)

  3. I could use some liquid sunshine myself and I live in the "Sunshine State". Tomorrow the high will be in the 50's and the low will be in the 30's. I know that isn't cold for some of you but it's freezing to me. Looking forward to the summer.
    Janet E.

  4. I'm a person who doesn't tan - just burn - I am content sitting next to a window, or a covered porch, admiring the sun from a distance (with a book, drink, and snack, handy - of course, LOL!

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