Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How Do You Survive a Deep Freeze?

Facebook is ablaze with weather reports! Have you noticed? It seems as if the entire nation is experiencing unnaturally cold weather. Your unnatural may be 30F, mine is more like -20F. Either way, we're all cold.

 I risked frostbite to tuck my outdoor cats in the garage on their fluffy dog bed with a big bowl of cat food and warm water. I had three minutes to bear skin exposure before risking frostbite. That's what they're saying anyway. My index finger is still tingling twenty minutes later, so maybe they're right.

So...we can turn this into a who's more cold than the other competition, ;) or we can just create ways to survive. I'm voting for the latter. So here's my list of survival tips:

  1. Heat packs -- the hunting kind. They are amazing!! Once you take them out of the wrapper, shake 'em up and expose them to the air, they're like mini heaters in your pockets, or stuck to your undershirt.
  2. Fleece, down, and wool. Forget anything with cotton in it. It won't keep you warm. Unlike popular opinion, cotton and flannel actually invite cold in. So layer with fleece, then a down filled sweater, cover with wool and put a windproof layer on (like a thin parka). Your torso will thank you.
  3. Forget about your hair. It's not going to be a good hair day. Period. Shove that fleece-lined, wool hat on your head and stay warm.
  4. Mittens vs. gloves. Opt for the mittens. They might make you look like a victim of the burn unit with massive paws, but gloves don't allow for heat circulation. They separate your fingers and now each appendage is going solo rather than heating as a unit.
  5. Drink warm liquid. AND you knew I'd throw in a coffee plug.
  6. Keep wool blankets in your vehicles, heavy boots, and even a down sleeping bag.
  7. ...or just stay inside. I mean, there's always that option. You're not all idiots like me ;)
What temp is cold to you? How do you stay warm? What temp is your home state boasting today?


  1. Don't forget--try not to sweat when you're outdoors, perhaps shoveling for instance. It will chill you faster than anything.

  2. Not working today, staying inside. Living in Alabama we're not used to low temps. It was 19 when I got up this morning and that's cold to us here!

  3. Thanks for the cold weather survival tips, Jaime! Learned a couple new ones, and will try to remember them, don't plan on being outside in these cold temps - but you never know.

    I'm finding that cold - to me - is a higher temp, every year. Part of aging, achy joints, and poor circulation, I suppose. It was -5 temp with -20 wind chill - in Louisville, Ky. I use fleece sheets, wear socks to bed, drink hot tea, or hot chocolate, eat hot soup, use portable heaters in addition to electric heat, wear sweats in the house, and bundle up in a heavy blanket - while in my favorite recliner, reading.

    Don't envy you - having to get out in the cold, and go to work. Stay safe, and warm - know you will be drinking plenty of coffee (LOL)! Sending you a warm virtual hug!


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