Monday, January 6, 2014

Hello 2014!

Hello dear bloggers! So great to be back after a Christmas vacation.

The New Year is a time to celebrate the new, and look over the year in review. It's a time to set new goals and revise old ones.

2013 in review:
1. It was our 25th Wedding Anniversary.
2. I completed my manuscript and pitched it at ACFW.
3. Got our oldest through her first year in college.
4. Survived an emptying nest--pretty well I might add!
5. Went on my first cruise.
6. I learned a lot serving on a pastoral search committee at church.
7. Spiritual Lesson of the year: "Don't speak broken things, my daughter."
8: Read13 fiction books, most of three craft books.
9. Gained another critique partner and dear friend.
10. Got a rejection, waiting to hear on one more

by permission:

2014, looking ahead:
1. Stay married! Planning to attend a marriage enrichment weekend; I love you dear!
2. Started another manuscript; hope to have first draft done by March.
3. Writer's weekend with Jaime and Laurie. Can. Not. Wait!
4. Launch second child.
5. Officially become a full fledged empty nester.
6. Plan a family vacation.
7. Read the Bible in a year, with Lucado & Frazee's The Story.
8. Get back on treadmill, keep using MyFitnessPal.
9. Drink as much good black coffee as one possibly can.
10. ACFW 2014 or bust! Land an agent if it is in God's will.

What's on your list?
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  1. Love to see your goals, Anne! Praying many blessings for you and Jaimers!

  2. Oh sweet Jessica! Ditto for you!

  3. Fun reading your goals. I hope you have a FABULOUS 2014. :)

  4. My big goal for 2014 is for my son to find a job and possibly get engaged. He has had a job interview, background check and just left the house to have a drug screen done. Maybe a job will be offered? He also has another job interview tomorrow at 3:30. Praying for God's leading and will for him.

  5. Welcome back, Anne!

    Loved reading your goals - where did you go on your cruise? I love cruises - have taken cruises to Alaska, and Hawaii. Both absolutely beautiful, and each totally different!

    Selecting a church pastor can be an arduous, and lengthy task - my brother was chairman of ours, a year or so ago ( received over 100 taped sermon submissions, in addition to "live" sermons he listened to). Did you find a pastor?

    Some of my 2014 goals are similar to yours: more bible study, establish an exercise program and eat healthier, more travel and hopefully, meeting more of my favorite authors!

    Hope 2014 is fruitful, and full of joy, peace, and blessings - for you and yours! Hugs!


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