Monday, January 27, 2014

"Be Ye Holy"

Are there scriptures that jump into your head from childhood, and then you wonder if it was really scripture or just a line in a movie?

"Come ye out from among them and be ye holy." That's it for me. Is that really scripture, or just a line from The Witness? The answer is both. It's from 2 Corinthians 6. But it's also from The Witness when the Amish grandfather explains to his grandson "what you take into your hand [a gun], Samuel, you take into your heart also." The Amish may have the corner on being separate from the world, not conforming to the world--in their outward appearance and their way of living. But no matter how we dress or live, it's the condition of our hearts that should be separate from the world. 

Last week we talked about reflecting the image of God. This week, HOLINESS is rolling around in my mind.

Being created in God's image is having the capacity to be transformed by faith. Transformed to what?

What does the image of God have to do with holiness?
"I am the LORD . . . your God; therefore be holy, because I am holy" Leviticus 11:44.

It implies implicitly that as followers of Christ, that we choose a path different than the world. If you think the Amish stand out compared to the rest of the world, doesn't it stand to reason our hearts should stand out as much?
Our marriages, our choices, words, actions, relationships? Whatever happened to holiness? How effective are churches today without holiness? Can entertainment and fiction reflect holiness?

Or, do we think holiness is just too quaint?
Holiness--too quaint? Too weird? Too exclusive?

If you're intrigued, you might find this article further thought provoking: What Ever Happened to Holiness?
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  1. Love your heart and wisdom and gentle reminders!

  2. You're always right "on track", Anne! I love your posts - thanks for stirring my thoughts!

  3. Love reading Amish fiction and learning more about them. Love your insight. What a great way to put it; it's not how we dress or how we look necessarily but what's in our hearts. What's in our hearts should also guide how we dress and how we act!


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