Thursday, January 23, 2014

A little bit of coffee and a whole lotta ____

This is my mantra today!! I'm sure most of you agree!  If you could complete this phrase with something OTHER than "Jesus", what would it be? Mine would be...Grace. I could use some grace to finish out the week. I'm getting a tad cranky and that's just not acceptable.

So what about you? 


  1. Sleep...Allie's been sick since Monday night and she gets croupy at night. It makes for very long nights!

  2. All I need today is A Whole Lotta Coffee and a little bit of food! Holidays have wrecked havoc on my weight.

  3. ...quiet.
    So I can do something other than change diapers, make meals, end arguments, answer questions, give directions, redirect, remind, set timers (for time-outs).
    I mean, I'd love more than 7 minutes in the shower, 10 minute chunks of revision/writing time, a chance to finish one chapter of my bible, or read a book.
    Oh, I'll take a side dish of that grace, too. Definitely.

  4. PATIENCE - for the cold weather to abate and ease my painful joints, and thankfulness for the viewing enjoyment of this winter's frequent beautiful snow!!


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