Thursday, December 5, 2013

What's On Your Coffee Table?

 Occasionally, I read something OTHER than fiction. ;) I know! Shock, right? On my coffee right now are some great books that really are inspiring a meditative spirit within me. I'm not huge on the emotional side of faith --I know, another shock! ;) My personality is more direct, straightforward, and fact based--not I'm not mathematical, just ... uncomfortable in the array of emotions that come forth in a church service. ;)

BUT! There IS room for drawing close to my Creator and breathing deep of His promises and blessing. Blessings for the Evening is an AMAZING hard cover, small format book. (Great Christmas present!) The daily reads are swift but meaningful and chalk full of blessings.

One of my favorites: "May the Lord continue to fight for you while you rest in him. May He confuse the enemy's schemes against you. May He surround you with God-fearing, faithful friends and strengthen your resolve to live courageously. You're on the winning side! Sleep well." ...and it references an adjoining Scripture to rest in before you close your eyes. This one is a 5 star book and the pages inside are beautiful, photographic and peaceful. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

The other great read I've been digest is Pray the Scriptures. In fact, this is more of a journal/study workbook than just a straight read, which I wasn't expecting. It takes you through various themes like: Tripping Into Sin, Thirst for God, Preparing for Worship. Each theme has Scripture to support the concept and then work book space to internalize the Scripture into your prayer. It provides sentences for you to complete so you can really conceptualize how this passage fits into your life. I really enjoy the interactive aspect. And this too is a book a new Believer or an old, ancient experienced one can benefit from!

It's great to have devos and books such as these to grow my Spiritual walk. What are you using lately to draw you close to a mighty God, a loving Savior, and a humongous eternal hope?


  1. Our church provides Journey for the ladies and we also get Our Daily Bread. I especially love to read Journey everyday. Some months I'm sad because they get gone before I can get a copy. I also enjoy the devotionals by Sarah Young and have bought 3 for Christmas presents.

  2. Right now I'm diving into "praying for your husband from head to toe". I need this to refocus on him and he needs me to know how to pray for him. I will have to look up your suggestions here!


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