Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday's Joe

Mrs. Claus has been busy, and she cannot run without some caffeinated fuel!

And it's all Jaime's fault I've been hooked by Caribou dark brew! Two cups started my busy day of errands and Christmas shopping.

Then I had even more dark brew at the coffee shop with my baked oatmeal while I studied Outlining Novels while I had the vehicle serviced--my sleigh.

I dove deep into my story questions while I watched it snow on Main Street of my hometown, Nappanee, IN. It's not everywhere that you can drink coffee, hear Dutch spoken, watch buggies and truck loads of hay bales going by, and walk a block from your mechanic to the coffee shop. After that, I loaded my sleigh and headed off to shop. 

Thank goodness for an extra afternoon Caribou Joe and a five minute power nap, or I might have blown a gasket when a lady pulled out in front of me on an icy street and another lady proceeded to push herself between my cart and the item of clothing I was looking at without so much as an apology. With the power of Caribou and Jesus, I sealed my lips and dug deep to imagine some reason for mercy. But I think I only imagined enough to write them into my next story.

I made a point of being cheerful and patient to every one I met, but that lady is the reason I shop online as much as possible. I'm determined not to feel shoved, pressured, pushed, or manipulated into the world's idea of a kind of Christmas that steals joy and grabs for more and more selfishness. I'm so relieved I don't have anything else to go get! 

How are you surviving the Holiday Haze and Craze?
Is Jesus still the Reason in your Season?

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  1. Ah yes, that Christmas "frenzy". I don't go to the stores or out in public shopping places hardly at all after Thanksgiving because of what you described above. It's a madhouse out there. I want to keep that happy Christmas spirit and being in crowds like that takes it away. Those coffee houses, on the other hand, I will frequent as much as my budget allows. They are always happy places. :)

  2. Dark Roast, yes mam! I shop all year for Christmas. When I see a bargain or something that reminds me of someone I buy for, I go ahead and get it. Only problem I forget I bought stuff or where I put it!

  3. You painted a cozy, pic - Anne (at least in the first part of your post, LOL)! I love Nappanee, & would love to have the recipe for that oatmeal. With all your sweetness, I find it hard to imagine you getting angry with anyone - but, I'm sure you have your moments, as do we all!

    I do a lot of online shopping, also - for the reasons you mentioned, & also because of mobility issues. And YES- Jesus is STILL my reason for THIS season, & ALL seasons, & ALWAYS will be!



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