Sunday, December 15, 2013

She Walks in Beauty

Diann, second from left
Today I'm remembering ... honoring ... a beautiful woman who left an eternal imprint on my life. Diann Hunt.

Our story is one riddled with grief, sorrow, and bittersweet joy. I met Diann after the death of my first unborn baby. Colleen Coble introduced us via email. She described Diann as a prayer warrior with a heart that embraced the hurting. Embrace she did. From afar, she adopted my grief as my second baby slipped into eternity, and she mourned with me as my third joined its siblings in a mansion I felt God built far too early for them.
Never stop hoping in God's wondrous might. That was the message sent to me. But hope was hard to find in the shadows of three little ones my arms would never hold, my eyes would never behold, and my lips would never kiss.

I entered my fourth pregnancy with a promise. "We'll be praying!" Colleen emailed. "Diann prays every day! This baby WILL be born!" Right. Week 7 brought with it the same omen of death that had come with my others. Colleen called me. "Stop pacing, Jaime. Put your feet up. Call your husband. Get him out of that meeting and get to the hospital."
"Why?" I sobbed over the phone. "It's all over."
"No, honey," Colleen encouraged, "It's not over. I'm calling the girls. We'll be praying."
Awhile later an email came through on the way to the hospital. "We're praying! Diann is on her knees! Call when you know, even if it's midnight or later."

My husband called the doctor on our way to the ER. I found out later the doctor told him to prepare himself, the baby was most probably already gone. As I lay there, bleeding, weeping the loss of yet another child, I distinctly remember hearing Colleen's voice and even more clearly, seeing Diann...somewhere...this woman I'd never met ... on her knees.

Moments later the ultrasound tech said, "there it is."
"There is what?" I asked.
He shot me a bewildered look, clearly unaware we thought he was staring at the remains of a lifeless babe. "The heartbeat."
"The what!" My husband shot forward.
"The heartbeat." The tech replied.
All I could do was close my eyes ... a woman was on her knees, and God had heard her prayers.

Six months later I met this beautiful woman and her fellow trio of prayer warriors. Diann squealed. Cupped my womb in her hands and gazed deep into my eyes. "We did it!" she smiled.

My daughter was born December 29th, 2009.

A few months ago, Colleen emailed me. "Diann has been sent home, honey, please pray. We're all hurting."
I went to my weeping place. The shower. The safe zone where I can sob and no one asks questions. It was my turn. I sank to my knees and prayed.

And God heard my prayers. Several weeks later, he ushered Diann to His healing place. I know her family was aching, empty with loss. Selfishly, I kept envisioning something more peaceful than I'd ever known before in my life. My babies--the three--were now with the woman who had embraced my daughter with all the love and prayers here on this earth. Even though they'd been with Jesus the last four years, I felt--empty--as if I wasn't there when they needed me. When Colleen texted that they had ushered Di into glory, a part of me released tears I'd not known had been there. Finally. Someone to love on my babies when I couldn't be there.

Di's husband posted to her facebook that while they stood around her bed saying, "there she goes", others on the side of Glory, shouted, "here she comes". And I wept. I could envision my three little blondies, jumping up and down, waving wildly, and racing into the arms of a woman I'd trusted my children with through her prayers.

I have promised Diann I would be on my knees ... and I shall. For her babies are still here. So on my knees I shall be, sweet Di, until we can ALL jump and wave wildly and have the biggest chocolate party you've never seen on this earth!


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  1. Oh, Jamie, I'm weeping while reading this. For your hurt and for our loss that binds us here on earth. And if you ever need sprayer like that again, let me know. A few of us have a prayer group online, the Accidental Warriors, brought together by God through Sandie Bricker, originally to pray for Diann. Now we pray for whoever asks us.

    Diann left her eternal touch on me, too. She left me an example to follow and with God's help, I will.

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  3. This is beautiful, Jaime. I never met her, and I'm sorry I didn't. Sounds like she loved you and your babies mucho! What a gift...

  4. How well I remember this time, Jaime. I'm crying too as I read this. You have always been "ours." :)

  5. Oh, Jaime! Words can't describe the beauty of your tribute to Diann, I've shed many tears! Wish I had had the honor of knowing her, but, I will read her books - I'm sure her heart will shine through, as it did in her blog posts! I had never heard Diann's name until I read a post from Colleen re: her illness, which prompted me to go to Diann's blog, & read her posts. What an inspiration she was!

    I am so touched, at hearing of the losses of your children - I'm sure you feel an extra closeness to the two, here on earth, because of it. But - the wonderful thing is, that you WILL see them in heaven, & until then, I feel sure, Diann is watching over them - just as you said.

    SO glad you were able to honor Diann with this beautiful tribute - I'm sure Diann is smiling, as it has touched & inspired many people, as are you - dear Jaime! God has placed each of us here - to be an encouragement to others!

  6. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read...through tears.

  7. Wow !! What a lovely testimony of not one, but two ladies who God brought together in the most unlikely of ways. <3

  8. I never had the pleasure of meeting Diann but loved her books and was inspired by her FB posts. I look forward to getting to meet her in Heaven someday.

  9. You said no lurking so here goes. I was never blessed to meet Di, but oh how I prayed for her. I was blessed to be able to message Scripture passages to her on FB to comfort her. Oh how I miss knowing that she'd gotten the passages when FB said she'd "seen" it. But I'm so thrilled that she doesn't need that comfort anymore because she's perfectly happy in the arms of Jesus.
    When I came over here I expected stories about Di. What I didn't expect was hearing about your losses. I lost my last son to miscarriage at 16 weeks and a grand child at 8 weeks. I know the ache in your heart. I know that it hurts so much at times you think your chest is going to explode. I'm so very, very happy for you that the Lord has blessed you with your precious daughter! I would say this...I know that mom's are supposed to be able to kiss everything and make it better. But that can't always happen. You WERE there for your three children! You loved them (still love them) until the Lord Himself called them Home! They ARE safe! They're in the Savior's arms! You have the assurance that they'll never have to suffer in this life. They've made it! They're safe! Di's made it! She's safe, too!
    My email address

  10. Weeping here. I never met Di. But I'll never forget meeting you the first time in 2009, and your baby-bump, and holding Chloe on my lap, talking about Jesus together, praying through Cole,and then after, and still. God is unbelievably amazing to bring together people to walk along the way with…we cannot take it lightly.

  11. Beautiful post, Jaime and such a lovely tribute.

  12. What a beautiful post Jaime. Tears rolled... I lost two babies and and thought I was going to lose the third. So, I understand the pain. Prayer warriors are amazing and uplifting. Thank God you had them in your life for that season (and still do!). Just beautiful. I know Diann was well loved and will be greatly missed!

  13. I'm crying again just rereading this. Her loss is something that will always be painful, though I know she's rejoicing. We all miss her so much! Amber's new baby, due to arrive any day now. Her middle name will be for her Nanny Diann up in heaven.

  14. Jaime that is beautiful, thank you for sharing and thank you for reminding us to pray.

  15. What a beautiful reunion...someday. Thank you for sharing your heart Jamie. I feel like we are sisters in the spirit.

  16. What a beautiful reunion...someday. Thank you for sharing your heart Jamie. I feel like we are sisters in the spirit.

  17. Thank you for the beautiful tribute, Jaime! She knew the power of prayer.


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