Monday, December 2, 2013

Reflection & Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving was one of reflection, bittersweet loss, and testing. The day itself was spent curled up with a book, enjoying a quiet holiday with the in-laws, just the six of us. Kids were content to play. Husband and his dad were enjoying a good football game, and my mother-in-law was Christmas shopping on her tablet. Peace. Content.

Because I'm the Director of HR for a cellular company, I planned to hit the sales floor on Friday to support the front line associates who go through awful on Black Friday. The day started out bad and got worse. Including a dead car battery, an entire nation-wide cellular activation system crashing with lines of customers out the door and no way to activate phones, frustrated staff, our tractor breaking down, and my husband missing his deer when he was out hunting. I even -- wait for it -- yes, confession...used some cuss words. I know! Who woulda thought I was human. Sigh. And then ... in the midst of it ... came the news that Diann Hunt, an amazing author, beautiful woman, and precious friend of mine had passed away from ovarian cancer. 
I bawled all the way home from work. 

Sometimes it's hard to know how to process holidays like this. 

It's hard to find perspective in the middle of frustration and loss and aching for a family who's upcoming holidays will have a mommy-gramma-sized hole of absence.

Luke 1:38 resonates in my mind still. As Mary, having been told her entire life will change dramatically by being the virgin mother of the Messiah, faces her life that could be interpreted as spiraling out of control.

"I am the Lord's servant. May it  be to me as you have said."

Quiet acceptance. 
Gentle faith.
Peaceful questioning.
Ponder ...

I believe that is the moment Mary began to ponder all these things in her heart. That moment when life made no sense. When only God seemed stable and sure.

Peace comes in a storm that rages. For we are the Lord's servants. That is the true meaning of any holiday, respite or not. A time to reflect and to be thankful for everything He has given and for everything He will do in a world that seems so terribly, terribly wrong.

May it be me as you have said.

Move forward.


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  1. Wow, that really is news to put things in perspective. I'm sorry to hear that about your friend.

  2. I loved reading Diann's books. Such a great author! It's hard sometimes understanding why God allows some things to happen. I guess one day maybe we'll see the big picture.


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