Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Reader's Poll: Christmas Trees

Are you the kind of family that has a theme tree, or a collection of ornaments from every year since the beginning of time?

This year is our 25th year of celebrating Christmas together.  We are definitely the kind of family that collects ornaments and we love the eclectic feel to our tree. Ted's mom gave us a shellacked cookie ornament of a bride and groom 25 years ago for our first tree--how can you throw that away?

Are you the kind of family that cuts a fresh-cut tree, a pre-cut tree, or an artificial?

For twenty-four years we cut down our tree, but last year the place we went to closed down. So, we had a family vote and bought our first pre-cut tree. I love it. We usually turn on the Christmas music, put on our Santa hats and take turns hanging ornaments.

Are you the kind of family that decorates the tree together, or is there just one person assigned the task?

We had a great time with the kids, decorating before my daughter left for her last week of college before she has finals.

What ever your traditions, may you have a blessed week of preparing for Christmas--preparing Him room in your hearts.


  1. Hi, Anne!

    My larger tree is usually in the living room/den, & has all angel ornaments on it (I collect angels), I usually put small tabletop trees in my bedroom, or kitchen - with mixed ornaments, & have pre-lit topiary/trees outside my door - with only lights on them.

    When I was young, & living at home - on the farm - my father would always cut a cedar tree from his farmland, I now have a pre-lit artificial tree - easier, since I live alone, & do all the decorating myself (hard to get those needles out of the carpet, also LOL). I don't enjoy decorating the tree, as much as when I was younger - perhaps, because I've done it alone, for so many years.

    But - I do LOVE Christmas, the activities, joy, love, & ALL that Christmas means, specifically - that God would love me enough to send His son, to die for my sins, & to provide my salvation!

    1. Hi Bonnie! Wow, cedar trees are really prickly!!! Artificial is much better. I did enjoy the decorating more when I was young too. But I love Christmas too!

  2. I usually wind up decorating by myself, although I want so much for us all to do it together. My husbands mother made a big deal of planning and making ornaments each year for her tree, it was known near and wide. Alas that's why I think he doesn't participate. He wanted me to plan themed trees and I did for a while. We have had real trees and artificial. Mostly artificial now. I use my ornaments I've collected over the years some years, themed trees some others. My daughter started buying a special ornament for my grand kids each year that they'll take with them when they marry.

    1. Right, I'm hoping to send some ornaments along with my kids some day soon. I'm hoping for artificial some day too.

  3. We usually have the special keepsake ornaments on our artificial tree, but we've had kittens, then young cats in the house the past couple years, so the plastic ones came out of hiding. :)
    My mom, sister, and I are the ones who decorate the tree. Mom does the lights, because she's quite particular on the placement, my sister puts most of the ornaments on while I string the popcorn. Then when I'm done, I put the strings on and help finish with the ornaments. So it's most definitely a group effort! :)
    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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