Thursday, December 19, 2013

Do Doubts Loom?

Have you ever had doubts? That wilderness dry spirit where you read Scripture and it's as dull as drinking sand? I have. Not recently, but I have. Boring worship services, dull messages, and equally as painful Sunday School classes. But yet others were raving about the wonderful worship, the deep sermon, and I did not relate.

I picked up "Pilgrimage" by Lynn Austin recently. Guess what? I'm not alone. Neither are you. And this was a really unique book in that her pilgrimage took her to Israel, the homeland of our Savior.

For example, in response to her wade through Hezekiah's Tunnel she wrote, "We can step into the deep water, the darkness, the unknown--and trust God. At the end of the tunnel, we will emerge into dazzling light."

With Lynn, I've been visiting The Wilderness, the Jordan River, the Temple Mount, Galilee, and Jerusalem. How she busted out of her "claustrophobic pot" to "bear fruit".

So as I'm sitting over my coffee this morning, I'm considering a trip to the Holy Land. No. Not really. Not everyone can travel to the Promised Land to be rejuvenated. So how do we, at home, sipping our java, find a resurrected joy and flourish?

I think it's being open to hearing new viewpoints. I found one in Lynn's. So really, I know we do book reports on Fridays and yes, there's one coming tomorrow, but I had to let you all know about this one. It's beautiful in that it inspires a rejuvenation of your walk with our Lord and leads you into a Promised Land of your own Spiritual journey.

Have you ever experienced a Spiritual drought? Are you in one now? How do you push through the dust filled doldrums?


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  1. Absolutely been there...I find myself parched and crying out for mercy and grace (often thanks to circumstance, though not always). Then one day I look back I've left the wilderness and didn't even realize it, because in calling to the One I need I've been lovingly moved forward.

    1. doesn't he do that??!?! All of a sudden you see green pastures and you're like, "say wha--?!"

  2. I came to Christ when I was 14. Being a new Christian I was excited. The pastor at the church I was attending had a very monotone voice and less than inspiring sermons. I came to church happy and excited but always left depressed and sad.

    1. OH that can be so difficult when the pastor isn't a gifted speaker. :( Hopefully your experiences now are FAR different

  3. Oh I want this book! I have been to Israel twice for a month and I just cannot describe the awe and wonder and eye opening experience of it all. Visiting all those places Jesus walked and see where history of the Bible took place strengthens your faith like nothing else. This book sounds like it does just that without you having to pay the airfare! I yearn to go back, but probably will never get the chance again. I am excited to read her book and visit all those places once again. It makes the Bible come alive. :) I love that you posted about this!

    1. You'll love it Susan! Add it to your last minute Christmas wish list!! If you've been to Israel you'll relate 100%!

  4. Sounds like a wonderfully inspiring book - visiting the Holy Land has always been a dream of mine, simply can't imagine what it must feel like - to walk where Jesus walked!

    I have gone through those "dry" spells - opening myself up to new avenues of ministry (be they big or small), is one thing that has helped me regain that spiritual "closeness" again!


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