Friday, December 20, 2013

Book Report: An Elegant Solution, by Paul Robertson

I stepped out of my comfort zone on this historical mystery. I have to admit, I'm a tad confused as to what genre it is exactly. While it definitely engulfs you in history, it's European and definitely not 19th Century. It's central plot is very mathematical and philosophically driven...which should've been my first clue that I had maybe stepped too far out of my comfort zone.

Now, before you think I'm dropping a 1 star rating on this, think again. I believe for the genre and audience it's intended, it's very well written. It's highly intelligent, sophisticated and intricate. It's intriguing to me that the author, a mathematician and scientist of natural philosophy embarked into the fictional world. In my experience, limited at best, mathematical equations root a person into a formula as does science. Yet, the author takes his reader on a mystery, murder, plotted story with mathematics being the competition.

So... my thoughts?

  • For a mathematical nitwit, it was very difficult for me to follow. 
  • The writing instantly struck me as philosophical so when I read the author's bio, it all made sense
  • The story is very detailed (as are mathematics), therefore for myself, I found myself chewing and chewing and chewing like one chews a carrot and not quite sure how to swallow
  • Prose--at times the writer's voice was poetic at times I had no idea what was being said/described
  • It's a thick book, wordy and heady
Do you have a super duper intellectual in your family? This might be right up their alley. Are you interested in light reading, this is NOT a sip coffee by the fireside book...unless, you're an intellectual :)

So, am I giving away a copy? In Coffee Cups and Camisoles tradition, I absolute am!! If you want to take a stab at an entirely different style of book, drop a comment and I'll pull a winner and announce it on Monday! :)

What types of books do you enjoy? Super light and fluffy or ones requiring an IQ higher than my own?


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  1. I read light and fluffy, def not an intellectual. My daughter got her high IQ from my husband. However, I did read The Maze by Jason Brannon, an off the wall Christian genre type book.

  2. I usually read the light and fluffy, but am willing to try to stretch my interests.

  3. I usually read light and fluffy or something in between. Intellectual definitely isn't up my alley. This book sounds like I would be lost in minutes, considering mathematics was one of my worst subjects in school (well, Algebra was)! :)


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