Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Epiphanies ... for better or worse

I've had an early morning epiphany. The kind of epiphany that makes you want to pour yourself another cup of coffee and lift it in the air as a toast. Don't you just love discovering things about yourself? Well, maybe not when you discover you've imbibed in too much chocolate this week and the scale is screaming at you to get it off it, you're hurting it! But, the kind of self-discovery thing that makes your life a whole lot easier?

I embarked on a journey to rise one hour before I had to in order to write. Having an 18 month old in the house - HOLY COW IT'S HAILING OUTSIDE! - (yes, I have have ADD and am easily distracted) - anyway - having a 18 month old in the house doesn't lend itself to writing when I get home. He's actually quite self-entertaining and I COULD write, but then what kind of mommy would I be? Work all day then work all night. Not to mention my 3 year old daughter, going on 17. Now there's a girl who wouldn't forgive me for replacing her with my  books. She'd grow up to write a book about me and it wouldn't be fiction. It'd probably be titled, How I Wish I Knew My Mother or The Mother I Never Knew or God Help Me. Seriously.

So, I rise at the break of dawn - well, 6 AM really. What can I say? I'm a quick fix in the morning. 20 min bathroom time and out the door with my amazing self. Ugh. Yes. My epiphany, you ask? I realized that I've been composing each chapter of my current book that I'm writing for NANO (it's a writer thing--writing 50,000 words in your book in 1 month) in my head. I didn't know I could do that! I write it out word for word in my head - bathroom time helps with this, and brainless paperwork time, and making dinner time. Then, in the morning, I can pound out the chapter without a ton of thought. WOWSERS! This morning I wrote 1800+ words. In an hour. I'm a machine. Vroom Vroom!

That's my epiphany. That I can write in my head. I'm not sure that adds in my favor as far as the rest of the world is concerned. It probably just reinforces the opinion that I'm verging on crazed idiot. But, for those of you who write, you may share in my joy ... or you may be saying ... "yeah, and just wait until you get a bad case of writer's block". And for those of you who read, well now you know I should be institutionalized just as you'd thought. Oh well, I shall rejoice while I can.

What's your epiphany today?


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  1. My epiphany? I'll need to clone myself. I don't write words, or paragraphs in my head. I see scenes. This can't happen when I'm actually focusing on other things. It tends to happen when I'm driving, waking, drifting off to sleep, in the shower, drying my hair, or staring mindlessly out the window. Perhaps I need to keep a notebook in my van! Yay, there's an epiphany. I have such wonderful blog ideas on the way to work, then later--poof--they disappear! That's it, I'm going to buy some notebooks! :)

  2. LOL! Both you and Anne make me laugh. I love having epiphanies. I have had a few good ones lately - can't remember exactly what at the moment, but they were good. And I'm sure I implemented them. ;)

  3. Don't have one at the moment but I love reading your blog, Anne and Jaime!


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