Friday, November 22, 2013

Book Report: The Governess of Highland Hall

We invite you to chat about the book for the opportunity to win a free copy next week.

In a few words, Turansky's novel is:
~~Downton Abbey meets Sound of Music

If you love the charm from the upstairs downstairs world of turn of the century England--you will love this story.

When Julia Foster returns from India due to her father's failing health, she must secure work to support her family finances and takes a position as a governess at Highland Hall. She is faced with the challenge of four entitled, ill-tempered charges and is moved by the estate's preoccupied Sir William Ramsey.

When the estate's master Ramsey has been widowed and left with the care of his two children and his deceased's cousin's two daughters, an overwhelming debt threatens to ruin the future for everyone at Highland Hall.

Julia is torn by her hope to return to India as a missionary, her doubt of achieving success as governess, and the growing connection with the master of the house. William is surprised to find his world is most at peace when Julia proves able and willing to share his burdens--but she is downstairs staff, and he's the master.

Will Julia and William find a way to salvage each of their family legacies? 
Will Julia return to India, or has her mission been transformed? 
Can William find a way to choose Julia's steadfast love over the wealth and power swirling around Highland Hall's future?

Hop over to Carrie's website and learn more about her writing and future publications. Carrie has been writing since 1999 and has published several short stories, essays, and devotions. Two more books in the Edwardian Bride series are expected to release in 2014 and 2015.

Are you Downton Abbey fans? 
If so, have any of you cheated and watched the next season online?
How many of you grew up patiently waiting for the annual airing of Sound of Music?

Winner of last week's book by Jen Turano is: BOOKLOVER!


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  1. I have read Carrie's book & loved it - would like to win a copy to give to a friend - thanks :)

  2. I haven't read this book yet but can't wait wo! :) I watched season one of downtown abby and loved it... The only reason I haven't watched more of it is because I am waiting for season 2 from the library :)

  3. I love both Downton Abbey and Sound of Music. I'll have to check this book out!

  4. I liked the first two seasons of Downton Abbey.

  5. Read this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Haven't seen Downton Abbey but heard lots about it. Refreshing to read something different. Would like to win this copy to give to the lending library at the food pantry. Hoping to touch someone's heart with a Christian book.

    1. Martha, you are the winner of Carrie's free copy! Please send me an email with your address!

  6. OK I am watching the new season online. I could not wait to watch it on tv, it is way too good to wait!! The Sound of Music was a staple for us as kids. I have all sisters so we would dance and sing and watch it over and over! Man I love both of these!!!

  7. Would love to read this book. Love sound of music. Have not seen Downton Abby.

  8. Would love to read this book...haven't yet. I really enjoy sound of music. I haven't seen Downtown Abby but after hearing so much about I may have to check it out. :)

  9. The book sounds really interesting. The Sound of Music is my all time favorite movie. Have never watched Downtown Abby.

  10. Love The Sound of Music, but have only watched Downton Abbey once. Love the story line of Carrie's book, & would love to read it!

  11. Hi Friends, It's wonderful to see so many of you stopping by to share your thoughts with us! I am very grateful to Anne for this opportunity to connect with friends and spread the word about the Governess of Highland Hall. I am a Downton Abbey Fan and I was very blessed to be able to visit Highlclere Castle where Downton is filmed last summer. It's just as lovely as it looks on the series . . . even better! Come by my website for links to my photos on Pinterest. Blessings and Happy Reading to all! Carrie

  12. This book looks so good! I love watching Downton Abbey--seeing how nobility and servants lived during that era (and a glimpse of how they lived previous to that time period). "The Sound of Music" is one of my favorite movies, and yes, I wait anxiously for it to appear on tv each year. (It does still air ocassionally.)

  13. I heard about Downton Abbey from a friend at work. She thought I'd like it. And I just picked up a copy of Carrie's book. I was so excited to see it on the rack. Way to go, ladies!!!!

  14. Would love to read this book! Hope to win! I'm a book worm!

  15. Would love to read this book! Hope to win! I'm a book worm!

  16. I've been trying to catch up on the BACK seasons of Downton Abbey - made myself wait to get my own writing goals met before indulging - SLOWLY catching up and NO I am not one who cheats and watches 'future' seasons - hard enough just playing catch up. ':D
    Would love to win and read TGoHH - was overJOYed to get to meet Carrie at the ACFW Conference 2013 - Congrats on the book, Carrie.

  17. Love to watch Downton Abbey
    haven't watched online next season
    Not an annual Sound Of Music watcher
    Love to read Carries books
    Thank you

  18. Oh yes, the annual playing of Sound of Music and Wizard of Oz were what I looked forward to every year. :) This book is to die for, but I have only ever watched two episodes of DA.
    lattebooks at hotmail dot com

  19. Downton Abbey and The Sound of Music? What a great combination. I'd love to win a copy of Carrie's book. Thanks for the opportunity!


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