Friday, November 15, 2013

Book Report & Giveaway: A Talent for Trouble, by Jen Turano

Well howdy doody!! The heroine's spark in her eye on the book cover completely captures the firecracker that graces -- er -- charges all over these pages.

If you are captivated by fast dialogue, hair-brained heroines, snark, and outlandish dresses of the late 1800's, then you'll not be disappointed in this latest by Jen Turano.

No one could ever accuse her of having boring characters. Although, I was a tad bowled over in the beginning it all evens out in the end and thank goodness for a British male hero of aristocracy to balance out an all-American-woman.

Felicia is determined she was ordained by God to marry a minister. But that determination falls into pieces along her ridiculous froo-froo of a wardrobe. Grayson is struggling to find his place in America with his Chinese daughter and shady history. Felicia is hyper-active, Grayson is all staid and proper. I'm not sure I've ever seen America and Britain collide with such--ferocity--since we dumped a load of tea into the Boston harbor.

It's romance, wit, light plot, and crazy all rolled into one. This book is energizing enough you could probably read it on a treadmill and burn more calories that without it. 

If you were a heroine in the 1800's, would you have been witty? staid? socially proper? outlandish? bullheaded? or compliant? Do share your 1800's persona with us for a chance to win A Talent For Trouble.


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Spirited and gritty turn-of-the-century romance stained with suspense. Youth leader. Professional Coffee Drinker. Works in HR and specializes in sarcasm :)

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  1. I love this cover! She looks "feisty and wild" in it. :)
    I'd probably have been strong willed and a rebel. I'm not hyper or overactive by any means, but I probably would fight the social requirements.
    lattebooks at hotmail dot com

  2. I probably would've been the outlandish one who spoke without thinking and would have had all the "ton's" matrons and dowagers gasping in shock at the crazy things coming out of my mouth. I also would've been the one rebelling against wearing corsets and bustles. :)

  3. What a delightful book report! The book cover and title are certainly a great introduction to the story. I can't wait to read this book! I think I would have been feisty and strong willed, but socially proper when need be. :)

    texaggs2000 at gmail dot com

  4. I have to be honest, I'd be quiet and staid. I think I'd be too fearful to go against the social mores but I'd think I'd try to read novels secretly to live vicariously through the characters.
    garfsgirl [at] hotmail [dot] com

  5. I probably would have been compliant and went along with whatever was proper while secretly simmering inside. I've never been one to "stir the pot" and have always been on the quiet and shy side.

  6. I would have been shy and want to read books.

  7. I would have been quiet and shy and reading as much as I could. Best wishes. Love this post. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  8. I might have been witty and proper, but just as stubborn as ever!

  9. probably both a little witty and a little compliant

  10. I think I too may have been witty and proper but I may have shown some spunk in some regards.

  11. She looks like she's pretty spunky! Would love to read this. Sonja(dot)nishimoto(at)gmail(dot)com

  12. I would have been the quiet compliant person admiring someone like Felicia and probably wishing I had her courage.

  13. I'm afraid I would have been bullheaded. I'm reading A Most Peculiar Circumstance right now -- and I'm loving it!!
    Tissakay (at) aol (dot) com

  14. This book, as with Jen's others, was simply amazing!
    I would probably have been socially proper and compliant. I hate drawing attention to myself in public so I would have gone out of my way to make sure I did everything right! And I also do not deal well with conflict so I'd have just gone with the flow.

  15. I would have been shy and very proper (a bit like today) and I would have been plain and desired to be beautiful. Being told "pretty is as pretty does" does not help a young girl to feel anything but plain

    1. left off the addy
      godleyv [at] yahoo [dot]{com}

  16. To be honest, if I'm the same in the 1800's as now, I think I would be witty, outlandish and bullheaded. Oh my, how scary is that! Thank you for the chance to enter this giveaway and please enter my name.
    Barbara Thompson

  17. Probably somewhere between socially proper and outlandish, no matter how hard I
    try I always say the wrong thing. It's like a bad gift. :)
    theresa n

  18. Love the cover. Makes me want to read it! Hope I'd have been as feisty.

  19. Unfortunately I would have been bullheaded, just like now. I am so glad that I was born now!

  20. I would probably be a bit proper with a witty side. Thanks for the giveaway!
    worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

  21. I really want this book. I would probably have been outlandish while trying to be socially proper. LOL Maxie mac262(at)me(dot)com


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