Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What Do You Know?

They say, authors should write what they know.

I know country living. I'm a born and bred country girl, raised on a dirt road with corn fields, hog farms, and hay bales--coon huntin', canning, gardening, and making do off the land. It's what I know...

Like Jaime, I live in the Midwest. For us, if you don't have one of these in your yard, you must be a townie...

My stories are full of heroes with back woods know-how and a gritty connection to the land. How can they not be when it's a regular occurrence to see your men getting ready to fill the freezer for the year.

It's been in my family for generations. Our basement is adorned with the proof. My son's buck, and this mount with my husband's, my father's, and my grandfather's antlers (not horns FYI--those are for cows), and the one from my great-grandfather resides at my parent's home next door.

Jaime and I are sister's from another mother. She wasn't shocked at all the sleep next to a bear skin rug on the wall beside her guest bed when she visited me last month. It's not just any chick who gets that! (and please don't call PETA!)

If you are a country girl, you get it. If you're not, it's okay.

But I'll bet anyone likes to read of a hero who knows his domain like a woodsman does. There's just something about gunpowder and the smell of woodsmoke, pan fish frying at midnight and the odor of gun-cleaner, the flexing of his forearms as he filets a wild turkey and the mouth watering of marinated venison on the grill, flannel shirts and cockle burs, and the twinkle in his eye when he twills a great hunting tale.

These are the things I love. These are the things I was raised on. These are the things I know and write into my stories.

If you wrote a story, what would your hero know about?


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  1. I love who you are, Anne Love!

    One of my contemporary heroes is a sporty kind of guy and the other is a chef who knows all about food!

  2. My hero would know about and love children. He would have deep emotions. One of the things that drew me to my husband was his caring and loving heart. I fell in love with him the first time he got emotional enough to cry in front of me.

  3. Isn't funny how what we know shapes us?!

  4. I am a dairy farm girl. Give me cows, straw bales, mud & 4 wheelers, hunting supplies, corn fields, hay fields, the smell of freshly mown hay and manure. :) Oh I could go on! I truly love every aspect of country life.
    It is true - however we grew up and what we love does shape us. But, I have yet to find a romance book revolving around a dairy farm or milking cows. LOL I wanna see a hero who gets manure on himself, has to milk way too early in the morning, loads bales of hay into the barn loft, etc. ;)
    Great post!

  5. Sounds like a challenge Susan. I think I can rise to the occasion, my first novel has plenty of cows, hay, and manure! :)

    1. YAY!!! I have high hopes for you! ;)

  6. It would be the farm life, for my hero, also: planting, & harvesting crops, milking cows, slopping the hogs, canning, overalls, & bandanas, etc., etc., etc..


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