Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What Do We Write?

If someone would have asked me during my high school history class if I liked history, while my teacher droned on in monotone about factoids that I only needed to pass the class--my answer would have been a resounding no! Hello, boring!

by permission:

But plain and simple:  I write historical romance.

The balance tipped in history's favor despite Mr. Riley's history class.
I've fallen in love with history.

I started reading historical romance in the ninth grade when Janette Oke's Love Comes Softly was released, setting off a Little-House-on-the-Prairie-Lover's scramble to devour the prairie romances filled with wonderful lessons for life, love, and faith.

Sometimes I actually have to pinch myself and ask how in the world I---little me--started writing historical romance. I struggled to read. I sat in agony and tears at the kitchen table with my first big writing assignment in eighth grade. I hated high school history class. I have a day job I love. It's not as if my platter isn't full without writing.

But, then there's this burning curiosity that invades my did we get like this, who came before us, why did it matter, what was their story, how did it change them, why did they move across the ocean or the continent, what made them war with one another, what did it mean to them, how did their choices affect my life....our ancestors, our families....

That's why I fell in love with history.

My writing started fourteen years ago after a vivid dream I scribbled on a scrap paper. Two weeks later I found it, explained the idea to my husband and put my pencil to the page.

I write Christian historical romance set in the 19th century. 
My stories are flavored with rural charm and country living.

I've made Pinterest boards for each of my stories. Take a peek if you're curious what my stories might feel like:
Book One
Book Two
Book Three Ideas

Doesn't this image for my hero in Book Two just make your imagination roll?

Stay tuned, Jaime will share what she writes.

Readers: tell us your favorite genres!


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Writer of Historical Romance inspired by her family roots. 
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  1. I hated history in high school. I don't know much about history - I didn't read much history after my HS years. I do enjoy reading historical romances, though.

    I'm finding that I'm learning about history again through my son. When he has school projects, I help him research things online. He's only eight, and he's been having history assignments since kindergarten! We just finished a poster last week about the history of Georgia! Did you know that Georgia was started by some British Fella (Oglethorpe, I think?) who brought over British prisoners who'd been held in debtor's prisons? They made a fresh start in Georgia! Amazing stuff!!!

    ~Cecelia Dowdy~

    1. I think he's the one who founded Savannah and laid out the squares for that city. Savannah is soooo beautiful by the way! It's also the oldest city in Georgia.

    2. Great stuff Cecelia and Sylvia! I didn't know that about Georgia, fascinating....

  2. Oh, thank you for writing this post! I looked at your WIP posts on Pinterest and now I am set to read your books. :) I am intrigued by those pictures. Now, do you have any novels published? Are we to pray you will find a publisher?

    1. Sorry, forgot to tell you my favorite genre. Um....well...I guess it's historical romance and contemporary romance split evenly down the middle. I am very particular about which ones I love in both of those categories, so I don't read every thing that comes out. I pick and choose. Most of it is Christian fiction, but occasionally I will read a clean secular novel. I also enjoy some good cozy mysteries by writers like Agatha Christie and Dorothy Simpson. Every great once in a while I'll pick up a suspense, but that's rare. I want to be surprised and figure out who did it along with the detective/policeman, not get all the villain's thoughts.

    2. Sweet Sylvia!
      I'm not published yet. I'm editing novel #2, hoping to have that off to an agent--sort of like a broker or real estate agent works--to broker a publishing contract.
      And yes, by all means, pray God's will about our publishing. :) Believe us, you all will be the first to know when we get agented and contracted!!
      I just love hearing what you like to read. I like some contemporary also. I just purchased some suspense today. It's not my first choice, but I was encouraged by an agent to broaden my scope and get some suspense to read.

  3. I really love all kinds of Christian romance, however, I do find myself drawn to historical more than anything. I love learning more history through stories. It really helps me remember things.
    Brittany McEuen

    1. I agre Brittany. I read a lot of Gilbert Morris in the past. I've read some Michael Phillips WWII I liked. I enjoyed Armageddon by Leon Uris, learning about post WWII Berlin. I enjoy 18th and 19th century historical if they are well written. I like Jane Austen also.

  4. Great post. I hated history in school too. And now I cannot get enough of it!! I love historical romance the best, then mystery and suspense come next.

    1. I do love when historical fiction has a good amount of intrigue to keep me turning the page. I'm not as fond of the pure historical fiction that is page upon page of description. I would like to add Last of the Mohicans to the list of classics I've read though.

  5. I love Christian fiction and was really surprised by how much I enjoyed the historicals! I was never one who enjoyed history growing up, but I have certainly found that I appreciate it more as an adult. So many things in history have been lost or forgotten and it is wonderful to revisit those in the pages of a good book!

    1. You are so right about things being lost and forgotten Britney.

  6. I, too, am one of those who hated history in school - & now enjoy reading & learning more about it via Christian fiction books.

    Anne, I loved your pics on Pinterest, & KNOW that I will be loving those books of yours, also, when I finally get a chance to read them!

    I love many kinds of Christian fiction, but, my favorite is, probably, historical romance - biblically based, in particular.

    Some of my comments on Jaime's post, pertain to, & are addressed to, you also, Anne!

  7. 90-95% of my book reading is Christian fiction.
    But ummm...I love contemporary fiction/romance. I thoroughly enjoy a good romantic suspense (and stay up to finish it so I'm not creeped out...). And I keep my toes in the historical romance waters a bit as well. That tends to cycle a bit for me.
    I feel like the odd (wo)man out, here...haha!

    1. No worries CJ. I was told by an agent at ACFW to branch out and read some suspense. So, I made a little trip to the bookstore and hope to add some spice to the book reports soon. Is there a suspense coming out that you'd like for us to review?


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