Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What Do We Write - Part 2

SO! PART TWO! What do I write? Anne did such a great post yesterday and what's with her cool Pinterest board? :) How do I follow up after that? Seriously, I've had the privilege of reading Anne's stuff and I know, I know, I'm her friend and sure, I'm biased, blah, blah, blah ... but she's amazing. I love her voice and her stories. I hope you can read them some day!

Ok--moi? I write Historical Romantic Suspense. Basically stated, if you read my books you'd have a healthy dose of God-glorifying romance and lots of suspense and action all wrapped up in the Victorian era. :) 

I've loved historical fiction since I was a kid. I devoured writers like Tracie Peterson, Tracie Peterson and Tracie Peterson. Yes, she's like my all time favorite writer. But then, I met Colleen Coble...her stories snagged me. Like I finally understood what I felt I'd been missing. INTRIGUE. So I sandwiched it all together in my own private little genre that has actually be growing in the actual publishing world of late. Notable said authors would be: Elizabeth Ludwig, Carol Cox, Colleen Coble, Elizabeth Camden, Jody Hedlund is becoming more so ... it's exciting!!!

My first book was set in Milwaukee, under the rich heritage of the German shipping industry and the extreme German prejudice in "Little Germany" and a thwarted love. My next two books are set in one of my favorite regions, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on Lake Superior. Dangerous and deadly silver mining and haunted lighthouses. My current work in progress (WIP) will be started on November 1st and I'm diving into the world of the circus, sabotaged high ropes, dark entertainers, and a really-rough-around-edges hero who is a new Believer and smokes cigars while reading his Bible.

But .... I'm still unpublished and I'm working on obtaining an agent. We'll see what happens. Both Anne and I are in the same shoes. Your prayers as readers mean SO MUCH to us we work to go where GOD would have us go in our writing experience. We ache to share our stories with you. I just received a rejection letter last night from an agent ... the ebb and flow in the writing world is sometimes painful and disappointing. You question whether you suck as a writer, to whether you're wasting your family's time and should just write for fun, and then why on earth you have such an insatiable drive to be published? So yeah ... if nothing else, Anne and I covet your prayers on this crazy journey we call writing!

So tell me, who's your favorite Inspirational Author?


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  1. Hard to beat Mary Connealy. I love her stories and her humor. And she's a gem in real life, too!

  2. Favorite? Can I say favorites in plural? There are just so many.

    1) Robin Jones Gunn
    2) Laura Frantz
    3) Julie Klassen
    4) Sarah Sundin
    5) Lori Wick
    6) Kaye Dacus
    7) Jody Hedlund

    1. Ohhhh, good list!!!! A lot of our faves on there!

  3. Prayers for both of you! I have many favorites I go to: Ronie Kendig, Dee Henderson, Karen Witemeyer just to name a few. If God has given you the talent and passion then He will see you through the low spots!

    1. Thanks, Susan!!! Ronie Kendig is stupendous!! Love her. The other two as well. Low spots are good spots too. They form us into better climbers :)

  4. My all time favorite over the past 20 years? Robin Jones Gunn because of how she speaks to my heart. I grew up with her books as they were just starting to come out when I was in high school
    I also devour Dee Henderson books like it might vanish from my hands if I go too slow.
    But I have a whole list of book love and it keeps growing. :)


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