Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Ear Infections and Jane Austin

I have a problem. And it started three weeks ago when I got sick. It escalated into bulging ear drums over the weekend and the fear my left ear drum would burst. So, I did what every 37 year old, mother of two, full time Director of HR, and self-proclaimed professional coffee drinker would do...I called my mommy.

She came right over. Tucked me in, took the kids and the DVD player was flicked on with a period film I haven't seen in years. Sense and Sensibility. I was really in the mood for North and South but Anne has that DVD and I live in the boondocks so streaming Internet and Netflix is out of the question.

My problem? Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant. Oh, their good actors. Emma Thompson is fabulous actually. But she looked so ... old. Eleanor was good and proper, yes, and a spinster, but not nearing 40. At least, I didn't take it that way. And Hugh Grant? I couldn't get his past transgressions out of my head. Not like he's the first leading man to take a jaunt down the street with the wrong woman, but still. And he's so...goofy looking. Dashing? His teeth are too straight and his eyes droop. In fact, he'd play Dopey really well on Snow White. Then there was their on-screen chemistry. Oh shucks, who am I kidding? There was no chemistry. It was like watching ketchup and chocolate run together. They just don't mix.

My other problem? Kate Winslet and Alan Rickman, He's Professor Snape, for goodness' sake and I'll never get those swirling black capes out of my head when he pushed Professor Dumbledore to his death. And Kate? Jack....oh...Jack. It's like pairing Rose and Professor Snapes together and thank goodness they didn't share an on screen kiss because their on-screen chemistry was like mixing cinnamon and mustard.

So. Did I enjoy the movie? Ok. Fine. It's a period film, of course I did. But the entire time I ached for North and South.  

Have you ever watched a movie or read a book where the casting just disappointed you and you couldn't connect with the characters?


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  1. Gawn Wiyeth Thuh Wind.


    Scarlett is a IDIOT and Rhett? Yeah. Umm? Melanie? Really, WHO is that nice?

    Although, Vivien Leigh DID do a great job as Scahlitt, I couldn't get into the whole stupid story.

    And ANY movie with Tom Cruise in it. ANY movie. Pick one. And all I see is him jumping on a couch.

  2. Bahahaaa! Oh yes, there are shows and movies where I can't handle it because I can only see certain things. Take Viggo Mortensen - he will always be Aragorn. Winona Rider as Spock's mom? Uh NO. I cringe when that scene comes on. Gwyneth Paltrow as Emma? NO. Her history clouds that role. :) There are many more that I could list! I think it's funny we all have that.

    1. Winona Rider as Spock's mom?!?!?! WHERE WAS THAT?!?! UGH. LOL

    2. LOL, I KNOW! The first time I saw Star Trek (2009) I was floored when I realized it was her. That is just NOT right. Thank goodness it's such a small part.

  3. I feel the very same about Hugh Grant Jammie! Psycho, Oh My Goodness!!

  4. I see your point with Emma Thompson re: her age, & Hugh Grant has never been able to convince me as a serious actor. There have been a lot of unconvincing movies I've watched in the past - apparently, SO unconvincing that I can't recall any of them, right now. I used to love movies, but don't watch them very often, now.


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