Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Virtual Coffee Party & Conference Recap

 Coming home off the writer's conference is like coming home from church camp. A rather bewildered feeling that wait -- didn't everyone else experience the same high I did? Ah, well. That old song, "back to life, back to reality" is playing in my brain. But reality is a blessing. My Kokomo Jo and Peter Pan are all about mommy being home and I can't count the amounts of hugs and kisses and loves. I'm also back at work, and I am blessed to say I love my job and the people in it, so I'm stoked.

But today!! I'm thrilled to announce we're coming out of
conference with a BANG! Jody Hedlund is releasing her latest and greatest novel and man oh man oh man oh man, it's phenomenal! I'm thrilled to share she's hosting a GIVEAWAY of her new book on Friday here at the CCC Blog and so today and tomorrow, I'm hosting a virtual coffee party!

Here's how it works:

  1. Leave a comment today about your favorite coffee flavor for one chance to win.
  2. Meet me at my Facebook page tomorrow Jaime's Facebook Page at 11am CST for a Facebook coffee party!! I'll be there, hope you are too. Instructions will be posted at 10:45am so you know how on earth a Facebook coffee party works! I'll give you insight into Jody's new book, share how I first met Jody, and we can all tip our coffee cups to a great new book!
  3. POST A PIC on my Facebook Page of your favorite coffee mug for an extra entry into the book drawing
  4. Come back Friday for my complete book review and a chance to win!

SOUND GOOD?! I mean what better way to come out of conference week than a coffee party with great friends and a chance to win a future best seller! 


  1. I've been hooked on a cafe mocha with a splash of hazelnut lately. I'm looking forward to caramel apple come November! Yum, baby!

    Loved seeing you guys in person at the conference!!!

  2. Loved seeing your smiling friendly face Jessica!!

  3. Sorry we didn't meet at the conference. I've enjoyed seeing your pictures on FB. It was a great time.

    I love mocha coffee, and just plain coffee - can't beat the real deal.

    1. I agree. Wish I didn't have this weird reaction to the flavored stuff at Starbucks because I loved the hazelnut mocha soy--but it didn't love me. But I love a stiff black brew!!

      Yes, too bad we didn't meet up. But you are in Indiana Chapter of ACFW right? Maybe we can time a local meeting sometime. I've been to a few of them, but lately they always seem to fall on a weekend full of a conflict. It also might be fun to just meet for coffee some time since you aren't that far away. Hope your conference was fruitful and refreshing Loree!

  4. I love regular, unflavored coffee. I also get the french roast - that's good too.

    If I had to pick a flavored coffee, I do like hazelnut.

    I always drink my coffee with sugar and half and half (or milk if no half and half!)

    ~Cecelia Dowdy~

  5. Pumpkin Spice - love anything pumpkin!


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