Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday at the ACFW Conference

Hey readers!  We're so glad We can bring you with us this weekend.  Last night was great.  Got to hang out with sheer amazingness.  Writers,  both published and unpublished, and just....hang. No book pitching or smooching up to agents.  Met a neat agent at dinner, just told stories and hung out and guess what... agents are human.  Shock.  I know.

Anne is amazing.  She made coffee this morning... fresh ground. I'm lolling in bed sniffing it as it brews.

This morning we go to a 4 hr class to learn how to pitch our books. Basically that means how we answer the question, "what's your book about? " not fun when your book is 100,000 words long and you have to summarize it into something that snags attention in 30 seconds.

So off we go. After coffee of course.  Here's some pics of last night. Or great friend and amazing author Sarah Sundin hung out with us too.

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