Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Behind the Scenes at a Writer's Conference

 Jaime Says: Ok!! It's here!! The day before I leave for Indiana and Anne's house and conference and girl time and book time and PANIC time!

I'm showing off my amazing one-sheet created by my marketing director at work. One-sheet: a one page decorative sheet with back cover copy similar to what you would read if you went to a book store and picked up a book and read its back cover. My bio is also on there. Bio: who I am. :)

Here's your insider view to my back cover copy:

Tessa Weston dreams of being a wife and a mother. When she rescues an infant boy from a shipwreck, it appears one of her dreams may come true. But as her father’s spiral into insanity leaves her struggling just to keep his lighthouse functioning, the town council insists that an unmarried woman has no place as a lighthouse keeper or mother.

Doctor Michael Schwartz, the town’s physician, is adamant that Tessa’s father is losing his mind and needs to be institutionalized as her father’s deliriums are coupled with random attacks on her life.  Tessa dives into discovering the mystery of the lighthouse in a desperate attempt to prove that her father is not delusional.  Against all her instincts, she turns to Michael for help to uncover the secrets of the lighthouse and save the infant from being banished to an orphanage.
The lighthouse seems to have other ideas. The secrets it clings to may cost Tessa and Michael more than their pride—it may cost the lives of the very ones they seek to save.

Will Tessa find strength not of herself as she dodges the dangers of the lighthouse?

Can Michael overcome abandonment and betrayal to find that healing comes only through love itself?

I also wrote up a proposal. Rarely, will you actually give out a proposal at a conference. There's usually not enough time or immediate interest to warrant an actual handing over of paper. However, it's always good to have handy (just in case) and sometimes you get a request for parts of a proposal, so I can dissect it if needed.

I'll be packing tonight. Yes, I am taking my coffee pot and grinder and 2 lbs of coffee. No, I am not joking. It's either that or budget $25/per day at Starbucks and after 6 days, yeah ... you do the math. I'm taking my skinny jeans and English riding boots in case I feel European. I'm taking my boot cut jeans and Chaco flip flops in case I feel like being myself. I'm taking heels which is a waste of valuable space 'cause bets are on whether I step out of character and wear the dumb things or not.

I'm leaving behind ... my heart (Nate) and beats (Kokomo Jo and Peter Pan). Prayers appreciated. I'm known for becoming insatiably homesick to the point of walking around with tears streaming down my face and people digging sedatives from the bottom of their pill boxes for me. Not kidding. Well, kidding about the sedatives, but everything else is accurate.

Behind the scenes starts NOW!! I'll be posting to the blog on the run. There may even be more than one post a day (mainly pics with captions). Also, hop over to my Facebook page and "like" me (http://facebook.com/jaimewrightbooks). I'll be posting there too WITH chances to win various prizes throughout the week. I mean, why shouldn't you have fun at conference too?

Adios! I'll see you tomorrow when I get in my car and begin the jaunt to Anne's house!

 Anne Says:

I'm cleaning house for Jaime's arrival! I'm making mental lists of the fun we'll have the night she arrives. I have an assortment of coffees ready including decaf Pike Place Roast to brew before we run off to Red Box to check out the movies. I hope to find Austenland, and check out any period films that might be out on Netflix. I have chocolate. I have tea. I'm dreaming of a visit to our local coffee house, or antique store.

I've struck gold. After hours of Pinterest and Esty browsing through pages and pages of cool Victorian  period costumes--all of which have 22 inch waists--I'd given up on wearing anything interesting for the costume dinner at conference. But alas, I struck gold--black gold that is. I found a $10 skirt that will double for my outfit on costume night, and then for my elegant semiformal wear for the banquet. I only wish I had the cash for the accessories--an antique doctor's bag I saw at the antique store--slobber, slobber.

See you through the week as we share our fun. Hop over to my Facebook page and click the "like" at https://www.facebook.com/AnneLoveWriterMennoniteGirlWithoutABonnet so we know who you are and have a chance to win a surprise.


  1. Love the storyline for your book, Jaime! I can hear the excitement in your voice, & am looking forward to the posts & pics from ACFW.

    Love the skirt, Anne, & wish I could be there to see all those costumes - what fun. I can imagine that there will be some very unusual ones, in addition to the beautiful ones.

    Enjoying envisioning the preparations involved for ACFW, the girl-time the two of you will share - also inspired by the hard work & advance prayer from both of you.

    Good idea with the coffee pot, Jaime.

    I can identify with your feelings re: leaving your children for a few days. But God has that under control, also - the time will pass so fast, & then you will be home again. When my oldest was pre-kindergarten, & I had to leave him at daycare care to go to work - he would get so upset when I left that it tore my heart out & I would have a problem concentrating on work, yet his teachers at daycare told me that he quit crying as soon as I walked out the door, & would be laughing & playing up a storm!

    Praying for a fruitful, stress-free, rejuvenating, God-filled experience at ACFW for both of you!


    1. So sweet Bonnie! As mother's our hearts are always tethered to our children no matter what age.

    2. Tethered ... that is the perfect word!!! And Bonnie, it's nice to know I'm not just a nut case mom! :P

  2. I love the storyline for your book, Jaime. $25 per day for Starbucks coffee?? Sheesh!! How much coffee do you drink per day? Sounds like you'll have a wonderful time. I'm sure you'll drum up lots of interest for your novel!

    ~Cecelia Dowdy~

    1. The answer is LOTS of COFFEE Cecelia! LOL.

    2. Oh I drink so much coffee it's probably not healthy :P

  3. Anne, can't WAIT to see that skirt, girl!! I toyed with the idea of renting a Gibson Girl hat, but figured it was more trouble (and expense) than it's worth.

    Jaime, the one sheet looks and sounds great -- good luck, ladies!!

    Hugs coming your way if I see you in the halls ... ;)


    P.S. BONNIE ... got your sweet card, my friend ... BLESS YOU!!

    1. Julie! Ack! Can't wait to see you and return that hug!

    2. Hey Julie!! Can't wait to see you there! Thanks for stopping by. Hugs!

  4. Have fun! From all the talk I want to come just to see you all having fun. lol
    I hear ya, girl, on the coffee and spending my life's savings at Starbucks to fill my need. ;)
    Oh you are NOT alone in your heart wrenching homesickness to see your babies (no matter how old our kids are) while gone! I am about crawling out of my skin by the time we ever are on our way home after a time gone from them. I can't handle it!! I KNOW the feeling well.

    1. You nailed the emotion! First night away tonight. I'm doing ok

    2. You're right, it's a blast Susan. I've met some of the most wonderful women friends at ACFW. What a blessing.

  5. Oh Jaime! I love your back cover copy and can't wait to read this story!! Thank you so much for sharing this insider view! This mama totally understands your feelings concerning leaving your heart behind. I will be thinking of you!! Wishing you and Anne a wonderful, successful time at the conference. I can't wait for more posts and pics!!!

    1. Hey! Hopefully I can get it published so you can read it. And Thanks for the empathy. At least I know I'm not a crazy obsessed mama.

    2. It makes it doubly fun to share them with all of you Britney!


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