Thursday, August 29, 2013

What's Your Coffee Thursday?

Jaime here. What are you drinking this morning? Let's chat. Tell me about your day? What's on the agenda?

I'm drinking Caribou Medium Roast coffee with Amaretto (my standby) creamer.
I have odds and ends to finish up in the office today before I go on the road to check on the development of 5 trainees I've had working on the frontlines of our stores. (I'm Dir of HR & Development for a cellular company).
Tonight? We have company descending on our house for a cookout. It's the youth leaders for this year's youth group and my husband, the youth director will be running them through the year's plan.
The house isn't clean, but ehhh, who cares really, if there's good food?

Ok ... now spill...what about you? :)


  1. It's 6:40 AM and I'm drinking store-brand coffee (either french roast or classic roast, can't recall which one?). My coffee has half and half and natural sugar. I'm helping my son to study for his social studies and math exams (for later today).

    I have to go to work - I hate working - but, I'm grateful to have a job.

    Tonight, we have to take our son to karate for his testing. He's testing for the next belt tonight and that's a big deal. He's testing for his purple belt. Hopefully, he'll have enough power in his kick to break the board!

    ~Cecelia Dowdy~

    1. Oh karate! Sweet! My daughter will start next year when she's 4. :) I love hearing about people's days. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I just finished my first 24 oz of water... only three of those to go today.

    This morning I'm catching up on social media and submitting a short story for a writing challenge. In a few minutes my 2-year-old is going to wake up and the fun of motherhood begins again for a new day. Diaper changes, playing with blocks, going to the park, eating PB & J. I'll be running until it's nap time, when I get to glue my bum in the chair and open my WIP.

    As I go about my day, I hope to log at least 10,000 steps, eat six small meals, and burn enough calories to see the scale move down a little tomorrow morning when I weigh in.

    1. I was hopeful for tomorrow's weigh in too ... until I ate the cream cheese pastry some naughty coworker brought me :P Couldn't be rude!!! Blessings on your writing and mommy endeavors today!

  3. I'm enjoying Vanilla Caramel creamer with Paramount's Breakfast Blend. Off to grab another cup now! Enjoy, Jaime!!

  4. Eight O'Clock Colombian roast with half & half--standard wake up call. I'm using a smaller mug today, so I'm about to pour my fourth.
    Today: overseeing the homeschooling of my two older kids while making sure the two younger ones don't distract them, while attempting to mark-up and hopefully begin re-writing my entire subplot to the book I want to pitch at the conference in two weeks.
    Oh dear, and a dentist appointment for all but the youngest.
    I think I need extra coffee today...

    1. You. Are. Ambitious. Yes. Quick! Go drink coffee!

    2. Ambitious? Nah. Hopeful. And maybe foolish? Writing is my personal escape, my Calgon that takes me away... LOL!

  5. 8:45 - Homemade chai latte. I don't drink much coffee because caffein doesn't cause any change for me whatsoever so I go purely for taste. I love chai and make a concentrate with sweetened condensed milk and a conglomeration of delicious spices. Just a tablespoon or two in a cup of black tea makes my morning perfect!

    Today should hopefully be somewhat relaxing. I plan to spend it at home, replying to e-mails and planning out future blogs, then hopefully writing a couple new chapters and editing for my crit partners.

  6. Missed the post on 8/29 - my day was filled with getting estimates & having a new air conditioning unit put in my hot (84 degree) house, & going to the doctor for a diagnosis & meds.

    God is good though - now writing in a cool (literally) house, & physically on the mend, hopefully.


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