Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thursday's Coffee: Sacred Eavesdropping

Have you ever glimpsed a scene not meant for you, or heard whispered words meant for another--yet somehow, the universe stood up and reminded you--that it was just for you?

This happened twice for me. With the start of the school year upon us, I'm reminded of both scenes.

As the school year rolls ever closer, schedules are crammed. Check books are drained. School supplies are shopped for, and wardrobes updated. After school activities are just around the corner. Practices, games, social events. School pictures. Dentist and doctor appointments.

Moms all know this. We orchestrate most of it. But we also feel that pang squeeze our hearts when the air turns cool, and the days shorten. It's that deep knowing that this season is passing and the next one is upon us. The clothes and toys at the bottom of the closet that need to be cleaned out, will be outgrown and outdated this time next year. And so, when we send our children out the door, we know that somehow when they get home--they'll be bigger, older, smarter, stronger, more experienced--than the day before. And somehow, it all slips onward so quickly.

It was in an attempt to document that first parting of the ways, that my first moment happened. I had picked the perfect dress, the perfect backpack, and the perfect moment to take scrapbook photos on my daughter's first day of kindergarten. I moved her in just the right spot to get a great background shot and snapped the shutter--when the whispered words of the most lovely prayer fell upon my ears. The mother in front of me, arm around her daughter--no camera in hand, no perfect dress--had leaned into her daughter's ear to whisper a prayer.

My excitement fell flat. I'd chosen poorly. I had my eyes on the wrong thing--and that moment was meant just for me. Since that day, I've practiced sending my children out the door with a prayer. To this day, at age seventeen and nineteen--they still come for their prayers.

The second sacred moment was on the way to work after I'd dropped my toddlers off at the sitter. I'd turned down a country road and flipped on the radio. Distracted by the work that faced me that day, my thoughts wandered--but my eyes caught a motion on the left side of the road in a driveway of an Amish family. The older couple was parting ways, her black bonnet in hand, his white beard shining in the morning sun. She stood at the buggy, he was ready to turn back toward the house, when at the last second he reached for her hand and dropped a kiss on her cheek--a rare display of affection.

My heart melted. The importance of parting ways with your loved ones in the right manner is so understated--and no one is ever too old to need it.

These two sacred moments changed my life. I've made it a habit to rise early, cook breakfast for my family, make coffee, say their prayers, and send them off with affection.

What sacred eavesdropping has touched you?
Do you make the effort to part ways in the right way?


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  1. I'm sorry, due to the overwhelming crying jag currently in motion, I cannot complete this comment....

  2. Awww Jennifer, here's some kleenex.... ;)

  3. Lovely! yes, those moments just make for huge emotional lump-in-throat moments. I find it hard to go to the airport because those kinds of scenes are all around and tend to get to me!

    A good reason to pop them into our writing where fitting!

  4. Had one of those moments tonight when my Baby Girl whispered, "keep praying, Mommy, don't stop". Melted my heart. Beautiful post Anne!

    1. "don't stop" oh that all children would have such a wonderful mother as you to sing and pray over her!


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