Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday Blog Mix & Mingle - Get to know the writers and readers!

Name: Jaime Wright
Location: Wisconsin

What you write/tagline: Historical Romance Stained with Suspense
Place in the book world: Not published. Hunting for agents (non-violently of course). Four manuscripts completed, two worth talking about.

On a scale of hugger to 10-foot-pole, please rate your personal space: Maybe a 2 foot pole? Move in cautiously, see if my head draws back and tips up and to the left. If not, proceed. If yes, back away slowly and wait a few minutes. Try again. If happens a second time. Just pass on the huggy stuff.

The unique talking point that will get you going for hours: Coffee, of course. My kids - everyone yawn now. Books and writing - no duh.

People at home you'll be missing: My Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. Oh yeah, and Captain Hook (That'd be their daddy)

Conference goals we can pray for? For God's ultimate will to be worked out in my writing. Cliche? So be it. That's the big one. Other than that? That I'm spared cracking a stupid joke to Steve Laube like last time or eating Chip MacGregor's dessert accidentally like last time, or killing too many people in my book ... like last time.

 Up for any contests/awards? Close, but no deal. So I get to relax on that end.

Any disclosures, disclaimers, or crucial information we must know? A good cup of coffee goes a long way with me. Try not to be too serious or I may keel over from boredom. If you don't get my sarcasm, move on, it's not going away so ... yeah.

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  1. Anne Love
    Northern Indiana
    Historical Romance/flavored with wit & rural charm
    Pre-published writer, two full length MS completed, brainstorming #3, praying about an agent
    Hugger, most days
    Anything historical, stories, faith
    Hubby-Ted, Son-Ben, senior, Daughter–just leaving for college, Cat–Princess
    Divine appointments
    Didn’t do Genesis this year, did last year
    I’ve been known to talk with my hands, inadvertently bumping things or people–you’ve been warned

    1. LOL I think I knew all of this about you...means I'm getting to know you REALLY well :)

  2. Lisa Van Engen
    Holland, Michigan
    Contemporary Fiction and Non-fiction
    Not published yet!
    I'll reach a hand out anytime.
    Books, Writing, Serving, the amazing race!
    Kris, Ellie 4th grade, Josiah 1st grade
    That I will be ready for the 2014 conference season :)
    No contests.
    Crucial info? I really, really care about everyone and everything. I also love to laugh.

    1. Ok. I SO! did not put two and two together to realize was YOU Lisa!! :)

  3. Yeah, you're getting hugged regardless of your back and to the left head bob. Just sayin. :)

    1. PLLLLTTT! (that's me stick my tongue out and spitting)

  4. Be prepared ahead of time for a hug from me.

  5. I'm having a lot of fun imagining all of these people dive-bomb hugging you :)

    1. I think I asked for it,didn't I? I should wear armor :)


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