Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Pet Peeves & Grocery Shopping - Jaime Wright

It's my week to be an idiot! I have this thing with grocery stores ... it start with my bubble I like to call personal space. I'm not sure what happens to people when they enter a grocery store or a Super Wally-World, but suddenly, personal spaces no longer exist. We have aisles in both shopping places as wide as the Nile yet, I am constantly getting bumped by other people's carts, clobbered by a tantrum throwing toddler, run over by an elderly lady on a runaway scooter (ok, I'll give grace on that one), and blocked by non-English speaking, hard working, and most likely legal immigrants who, unfortunately, believe parking two to three carts wide is legal. I should be a grocery store cop, is what I should be. I could hand out about 15 tickets each time I visit for various offenses and make the stores some extra cash in this hard up economy.

The worst offense? Bumper Butts. I'm serious!! Apparently, if you're in line to check out and you push your cart until it hits the person's butt in front of you while their signing their credit card slip or paying, it makes the process go faster. This happens to me all the time. I must have a piece of paper taped back there that says, "hit me". I'm going to attach rubber pads on my behind to avoid bruising next time I go. The last lady who jabbed me with her cart was on the receiving end of a death glare that could rival any stare from Darth Vader. (Can Darth Vader stare through black plastic?)

Why am I an idiot? Because yesterday, I was walking in my bubble when a hand reached out and brushed my arm. Just brushed mind you - it wasn't bruising. But I turned and shot lasers out of my eyes. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! CAN I NOT BE LEFT ALONE?? Erps. It was one of my youth kids from church. Gulp. She stepped back. "Uh, hi!" she says. "Uh, hi!" says I. Thankfully she's astute and goes, "bad day or somethin'?" Now it is. I explained my pet peeve and she laughed. Thankfully. This is why I love youth kids. They are forgiving. Had she been over the age of 25 there probably would have been a petition passed around to have me step down as a youth leader for having a bad witness of Christian charity.

Sigh. How does one balance pet peeves, personal space, grocery shopping and a Christian witness? If you know. Please tell me. On the flip side, how does one incorporate little idiosyncricies (I know I didn't spell that right, but seriously - do we really care?) into their characters? Writing fiction is far safer I believe. Perhaps I should become a fiction character, then I can wallow in my pet peeves and save grace for another day. Now that would just be wrong. Sigh again. Grace is difficult when one has a personal space. My friend made me a shirt for when I was pregnant with my daughter - "touch this mound, receive a pound". Does that explain my personal space issues? I think I AM a character. Maybe I'll write a book about me - change the name of course...

What are your pet peeves? :) Do tell!

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  1. "Grace is difficult when one has a personal space."---that's the touch point for me.

  2. I read your post out loud to Emily for supper entertainment--we giggled more and she loved it! :)

  3. I live in a college town and when the students come back, you can forget trying to get down the aisles.

  4. Too funny, Jaime! Unfortunately - everything you said is true. A lot of people just don't seem to have time, or care, to be respectful of others. I have no answers except prayer for more patience for all involved(which I need also).

    Some of my other shopping peeves are the person who pulls into the parking space you are waiting for, not being able to find anyone to wait on you, & people that take the electric carts just to play around with them.

    I am one of those senior citizens who uses an electric cart - I am always afraid of infringing on someone's space with my larger cart & try to always check whether someone is passing by before pulling out at the end of the aisle, pull my cart over against the shelves as far as possible, & wait patiently for others to get items off the shelf before I come barreling through. Needless to say, it takes me longer to shop than those who don't use an electric cart. Most people are considerate of those on electric carts, but there are always some bad apples in the bunch - wherever you go.

    Enjoy your blog posts - be blessed!

    1. I'm all for electric carts for those who truly need them. In our community I do think a lot of it comes down to entitled individuals who seriously block the entire aisle and look at your "Excuse me" with and indignant glare.

      There are some nice ones who I'll help grab stuff from the upper shelves. It's got to be a challenge shopping. KUDOS TO YOU! :) HUG!


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