Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Miley - A Tidy Little Mess?

Outside of looking like this before I get my coffee in the morning, I don't relate much to dear little Miley. Poor thing. Makes you wonder what ever happened to daddy's little girl, doesn't it?

After the performance at the 2013 VMA's, I told my Admin. Assist. that if someone told me in 17 years my Kokomo Jo would be adult club grinding and twerking all over the stage, I think I'd go into all the stages of grief ... and then some.

I really wish I could take Miley out for coffee and hang. I'm sure we'd have nothing in common. I'd be the boring old big-sister-figure in a dress and she'd be the rebellious little sister in a...nothing.

But, I fell asleep praying for her last night. 'Cause once we get past the righteous indignation and the Sodom and Gomorrah comments, we must see her soul. A precious, heart-beating soul that God created. It's our responsibility to lift her in prayer and storm the gates of Heaven for her. Did she cry herself to sleep last night--was the ache and emptiness so consuming it ate her alive in the silence? Did she go to bed hardened, sucking off her distorted fame, conqueror and queen? Did she drink herself into a stupor?

I don't know Miley's heart. What's coming out isn't pretty -- but then, who am I to judge? I don't own that gavel. But God has seen inside of her, He knows her cries, or maybe her lack thereof.

So we pray ... if we are anything like Christ ... we pray. Silence our outraged criticism for a moment to breathe deep and reflect. On Rahab ... on Bathseba ... on all the countless horrific sinners who sought the heart of God ... and found it.

How do you balance outrage with seeking the lost?


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  1. Thank you for your non-judging heart. I often avoid reading about these little scandals simply because I grow weary of the opinions shouted everywhere. Truly, she is truly no different than so many women out there who need the living God to fill up their emptiness--we are just hearing her story because she is a well known name. I love your willingness to pray for her. And appreciate the reminder to do so myself.

    1. I understand people's outrage, but it needs to be coupled with love and care too! :)

  2. Loved this, Jaime. You know, I saw SO many FB and Twitter posts about Miley's performance (didn't actually watch it) but I kept thinking to myself, she and the people managing her career are not idiots. They know exactly what they're doing and are strategically creating an image and persona for her. What makes me sad is that underneath that persona is a person...a real, live person who obviously feels she has to do what she's doing in order to hold on to the fame, attention and career she's built.

    It's just like you said, there's a soul there and whatever's going on it probably isn't at all content or peaceful. She's just like anyone need of a Savior. She just happens to be living out her need in front of a massively huge audience.

    1. Kinda makes you wonder how hard the odds are stacked against them?? Maybe an interesting character base for your next book? The redemption of a super star?

  3. What would happen or could happen if every tweet, or comment on FB was turned instead into a prayer?

  4. I think it would be extremely hard, & unusual, for someone her age to be able to handle the pressures of adulation, fortune, career, personal & family issues - without being firmly planted in the Lord, & being aware of His plan for her life. Everything else holds little importance & can disappear in an instant!
    So true - Anne - negative words can damage, prayer can work miracles!

    1. Right. So true. Words of blessing go much further for good in this world.


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