Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday's Coffee: Cruising

I've hardly exchanged sea legs for terra firma, but that swaying feeling has finally left me.

My first thought while I packed my bags last week was--oh, no, how will I get my coffee in the morning? So the first morning, I set off to find the walking track and the coffee supply. Last week's coffee was great, not because the brew was stellar quality, but because the view off the back of Carnival Liberty was intoxicating. I realized, as I snaked my way to the back of the boat to an empty area, that I was craving a quiet spot on the boat.

For me, the first coffee of the day means quiet reflection and meditation. I was glad to find a place for quiet solitude on the boat along with several thousand other people aboard.

After a week of being deprived of my Starbucks, I was beginning to miss my Keurig. And tonight while Skyping with Jaime, I made her slobber over my newly acquired Honduran coffee. I can't wait to try it.

When I visited Jaime in February, she shared her precious Guatemalan coffee. Delish! So, I bought not one bag, but two bags of Honduran coffee to be sure it would last until I can share some with Jaime when she makes a pit-stop here on the way to ACFW.

What about you, have you ever had a great brew while traveling?
Something a little different that you fell in love with?
Do you have morning routines of solitude you miss when you don't get them?


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