Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The "Ah" Factor: When You've Got "It"

They say when you've got "it" you'll know it, but if you haven't--well, it just can't be manufactured or conjured.

On our Carnival cruise last week, we were sweetly addicted to this Melting Chocolate Cake. It was so amazing I didn't even want to swallow it. As it hit my mouth, all I could think was--Ahhhhhhhh, now that's chocolate! I just wanted it to sit on my tongue and savor it's creamy texture and cocoa flavor. It rivaled any chocolate dessert I've ever tasted on this planet. This dessert was the bomb--the it of all desserts.

So last night my husband was cruising the internet searching for "it" and made an imitation that turned out like this:

It was good, but not quite it (sorry babe, but thanks for trying!).

Of course when Adam and Eve walked in the garden with God, they had it in the fullest sense. Everything since then has just been a cheap imitation--glimpses of images that reflect what we were intended to have.

But when we hear it again, see it again, feel it again, or taste it again--we know it--Ahhhhhhh. Satisfaction. Whole-ness. Holiness. Filling. Our thirst is quenched, if just for an instant.

And so it is with eating and vacationing--that we seek to experience it for just long enough to sustain our belief until the next time--to know and believe that there is something greater we were meant to be and have. And so it is with romance too--a lovely reflection of God's sacred romance with His creation.

It's the same with reading and writing. We've all read books that were good, or so-so, or even worse, just meh or even blech. Then, once in a while we pick up a book, peel back the pages and feel it---Ahhhhhh--I've been touched. Inspired. Moved. I've been given a glimpse. I even have the feeling the author must know part of my nature or personal experience in life. Sweet satisfaction. When it happens, I set the book down and inhale deeply, letting it settle on me. I want it to sit there on my spirit for a moment before it passes--just as I wanted that melting chocolate cake to fill my senses for as long as possible. Because it might be awhile until it comes along again.

What are your favorite it books?
Who are your favorite it authors?
What, in your opinion, creates the it factor?


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  1. Hi Anne! So are you and Jaime both on vacation? I loved your thoughts here. Yep. The "Ahhh" factor, and hold the cheap imitations. ;-)

    Okay, IT books: "My Stubborn Heart"--first Contemporary to keep me up reading all night, which I laugh about because there was no suspenseful plot, though the characters were like, sitting beside me. "Love's Reckoning" isn't a unanimous favorite of Laura Frantz fans, but it ministered to a personal situation I was learning how to deal with.

  2. I just got back from vacation. It's taking a little while to dig out and get my routine back.

    Gwen, I lover your IT choices. I agree totally. I was laughing one minute with Becky's characters, and the on the next page she had me crying about things I didn't even realize were on my heart. As for Laura, well, LOVE that woman's writing, love her. Such a kindred spirit type of lady for me. I can't wait for her next book and I plan to write a report here!!


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