Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pinterest Vote: There's a Story Here

In the midst of editing my current manuscript, I'm thinking of ideas for my next story. The pictures below aren't the actual idea I have next, but they do make my curiosity churn. I love cruising Pinterest for pictures that snag my interest and create ideas that might form a great story. Sometimes it's a face. Other times it's a situation, or a place that gets my imagination rolling. 

So, let's vote. Which picture do you think has the most potential to create the best story?

1. Coffee Shop Romance, got-to-love-it! Heroine sits in cafe to escape something terrible in her life for an hour and finds this at her place after getting up to warm her coffee. How does she find mystery man? What story shall the mystery man have?

2. I'm in love with this photo. It just screams story to me. This Kodak girl looks like the adventurous type. Is she cataloging nature scenes when she falls into the water? Does she capture  a piece of evidence on her film that puts her in danger? Is there a hero watching from afar?

3. Women at a paper mill in Wisconsin. The one on the right is not wearing work clothing. Is she visiting her mother who works there since her father passed away? Does she bump into her hero there? What if this socialite's mother dies as well, forcing her into the life of the working class? What will her hero be like?

4. This is a fascinating image. I'm thinking Reconstruction era. Perhaps this hero is from the South and this is his son. Perhaps he was an unscrupulous man before the Civil War, but the battle has created a conscience in him. Having lost everything, his child is his one chance to redeem all his wrongs. He moves West to resettle. But what woman would marry him now?

These pictures are all from my Pinterest board, There's A Story Here. Stop by and visit. Take a look at other photos that strike your fancy and get your creative curiosity flowing. 

Which picture do you love the most?
What story lines do you see?


  1. Love them all! I love creating story from an image. Number 1 is so sweet. Number 4 is absolutely intriguing.

  2. I'm with the #4 story! Say WHA-?! That'd be SO full of tension it'd be heavenly and such a potential great message too!

  3. I'm very partial to #1. What a cute note! It raises all kinds of questions about who wrote it. ;-)

  4. I know, I love it too Gwen. I keep telling Jaime we should write a coffee shop novel. I think this is it don't you?


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