Friday, July 12, 2013

Book Report: Stealing the Preacher, by Karen Witemeyer

Oh yeah! The wait between Karen's books are WAY too long. 

The refreshing thing I liked about Karen's latest is the premise. An outlaw steals a preacher for his daughter so she can revive their community church? It was new, fresh, and unique. Of course, that's one of her trademarks. There's not anything cliche about her novels and I really appreciate that.

Joanna and Crockett are great characters. Crockett, the manly man preacher and Joanna, the evangelizing daughter of an outlaw. It was fun to have a preacher who's instincts aren't to be a peacemaker in all situations and Joanna's character was the epitome of a daddy's girl even though she couldn't justify a thing her father had done in life.

The book had a solid message of faith. In fact, it was very blatant, and I enjoyed that. The sub characters were rich and satisfying.

Yeppers!! I loved Karen's new book and you'll not regret putting this one on your TBR pile!

I'm whipping through today's book report because I'm on my way out of Chicago and headed home, so I'm stealing my own little something (personal time) to get this to ya! So have a great weekend and we'll see you back at the CCC blog next week! What's on the docket for your weekend?


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