Thursday, July 18, 2013

Best Coffee Purchase This Year

Every year I invest in something coffee related. Because I'm cheap, I've yet to get that $200 Bunn coffee maker I've been eyeing. So I decided to settle for my $30 vacuum sealing Thermos.

OH MY GOSH. Best purchase this year. I pour my hot java in this at 8 am and at 5 pm it is still burn my tongue hot!


And THAT is your coffee word of the day :)

What's your best purchase of 2013? 


Jaime Wright - 

Writer of Historical Romance stained with suspense. Youth leader. Professional Coffee Drinker. Works in HR and specializes in sarcasm :)

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  1. Good to know! I'm always trying different ones. Of course, Dan likes his but I don't drink coffee and I don't want my tea to taste like we do not share! =)

  2. Good advice!

    But I'm not a coffee drinker, more a hot chai gal. But I LOVE, love, LOVE getting something hot & yummy to drink and settling in to write my heart out.

    Heavy sigh.




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