Thursday, June 20, 2013

What's on Your Coffee Table?

I love having good NON Fiction books to devour. As we tip back our morning coffee, here's some coffee table chatter on my latest three:

Reasons for Belief - by, Norman Geisler

I made my husband (Masters of Theology) happy when I began reading Norman Geisler. He can write some heady stuff for us fiction readers but he is SOLID and schooled in the art of apologetics. This book is great in that it addresses the questions of what you believe and WHY you believe them. Being able to provide a ready defense for our faith is critical. Blind faith convinces no one--educated faith builds credibility. With chapters like, "Is Jesus God?", "Is Jesus the Only Way To God", you can see right away what type of book this is. I highly recommend it!

Pray the Scriptures - by, Kevin Johnson

This book is just what it says. It's NOT a how-to book, or a theology book, or even self help. It's designed as a workbook. Each chapter picks a section of Scripture for you to read, a prayer that goes with its theme, and then tag lines to assist you in journaling your thoughts to help you dig deeper. Prayers include: "Find Peace", "Be Content", "Tripping into Sin". It's a really a great workbook if Bible study is difficult and even if you're an ace studier, this book is still a fantastic way to centralize your thoughts into specific targeted prayer. I'm really enjoying it! Again, a highly recommended book.

What a Son Needs From His Mom - by, Cheri Fuller

I really enjoyed this one. Now that I have a boy it revealed all the "needs" my son may have from me as he grows. As mothers, I do believe we tend to instill in boys the traits we feel are important, but some of them simply are not applicable or poignant to the male mind.

I loved her chapter headings: "A Mom Who Builds Confidence", "A Mom Who Nurtures Her Son's Faith" ... ahh!! I loved this. And she had such great suggestions:

"...she read biographies of a Christian boy or man whose life demonstrated that God sees you through."

It never dawned on me the importance of the male influence of HISTORY on my son's life, his confidence, his boldness. These traits are foreign to me.

Definitely a must read if you're the mother of a boy!

So what non-fiction is on YOUR coffee table?


  1. I'm reading Quiet by Susan Cain right now. I love non-fiction :)

    1. I'll have to check that one out for sure!!


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