Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thursday's Coffee: Unfettered Access

An unexpected break from my usual morning routine caused my coffee to get cold this morning.

I cancelled our landline yesterday, but when I tried to get online this morning, the internet was down.
Thus followed those lovely support service calls, automated prompts that end in "we show your internet service was cancelled effective today, to hear this message again, press the * key."

Cancelled internet? No, it was supposed to be landline only. ACCCKK. Grrr.

I called again, chose support services this time. Placed on hold. Listening to Pachebel's Canon, thinking of it playing as I walked down the aisle twenty-five years ago, and all the support services we've needed through the years.

"Ma'am, I sorry, but I show you have full access here. When you make an order change, you may have disrupted service for a day while your profile is changed. I'll reboot you." No kidding. Poor guy. I wanted to shoot the messenger.

More Pachebel's Canon. My fingers drum on my dead laptop.

Lord, please fix this easily. I unplug the modem, plug in the new surge protector I got yesterday at Walmart for the modem outlet. The lightening strike we had two months ago started the ball rollingin the first place. It fried our old modem and the land line stopped working. We replaced the modem, but didn't miss the landline. Thus the call to cancel it yesterday.

I thought I'd solved all future problems. <inner snarky laugh at my silly self>

Surge protection, reduced monthly costs, new modem. Check. Wrong. No power from the new surge protector. Pachelbel still playing. The newly purchased surge protector made in China? Faulty. So much for global economy. Global connectedness.

Enter still small Voice: with Me there's unfettered access. No internet diagnostics required for a connection with God. No surge protection necessary. No global economy required.

Pachelbel still playing in my ear from my cell call to the support guy. It's been twenty-five years since we walked down that aisle and said our vows. Thank goodness we had unfettered access to God over those years--an infusion of His "lightening", and the best support service on the globe from the body of Christ.

Finally, he's back. "It's rebooted Ma'am." My Macbook internet diagnostics runs a quick update, and "taa-daaa"---up pops my internet connection and I hang up.

Now my coffee is cold.

But as I waited for the microwave to rewarm it, I'm so grateful we have unfettered access to God. He's given us the Way, the Truth, and the Life in his Son, Jesus Christ.

The microwave dings, and I take my steaming mug to the patio.

Pachelbel, still ringing in my mind.

Thank you God.


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