Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Plotting Inconsistencies

As I'm wrapping up edits on my latest manuscript, my brain is already plotting my next book. I love to shake things up in a story. To try to write something that's creative a new. Which is why I shy away from the proverbial schoolteacher or governess role of my heroines.

There's some outlandish schemes in writing that work. Like an opiate addicted heroine as in Christy Award Winning Elizabeth Camden's latest novel. Or German nobleman running for his life to the Americas as in Jody Hedlund's "A Noble Groom". Those work. Different, but yet they work -- they cause intrigue, curiosity and enjoyment.

I sent the picture above to my co-worker who's a German addict. Everything German is him in a nutshell. We got to talking about the War and the Nazis and without meaning any disrespect, I posed the question: If the Nazis had spoken French would they have seemed half as intimidating at the outset? Oui oui? No poo poo. 

Some combinations just don't work. It's too ... off the wall. For example, in my next book I want to have a disabled hero. My first thought was he could be hearing challenged. Yeah. Try writing an entire book with a hero that can't speak except with his hands--the dialogue would be riveting.  I'm now leaning toward blind or lip-less. Lip-less could be lend for some scenes worth drooling over ... ok ... maybe I'll give my hero lips.

So when we plan our books, we have to think of the crazy, step it up a notch, then make sure it's not too far over the edge of believable or -- enjoyable.

Have you read any books that are just too crazy for words? Plots or combinations that just don't make sense? I'd be curious to know--so I don't make the same mistake twice.


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  1. Lipless? HAHAHAHA!!

    Actually, I have thought of writing a deaf character, but since I have a working knowledge of ASL, I can 'see' how I could do it.

    As for the French and the Nazis, you do have a point. Any WW2 movie worth its salt can use "Schnell!" and scare the oui poo poo out of anyone!!

  2. I've blocked out any memories of crazy books. *grin*

  3. I love you, but no no no to anyone with no lips!!

  4. Hi Jamie, when you said hero with a disability, my thoughts shot straight to Jamie Carie's "The Guardian Duke", which features a hero going deaf. I had a hate-love relationship with it. Love because it was written very well, I love adventure, and I appreciated the hero's unique challenge (as you were saying ;-). But there were some things that didn't work for me.

  5. (I'm tired, that's why I'm cutting my comments short before I finish.) My main problem was the cliff-hanger ending, but there were some things that made me wonder if it might do better as a Fantasy, rather than a Historical Romance. Just my two cents. I was never bored with it though, lol Carie's a wonderful storyteller. ;-)


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