Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Movie Time!

I've been cheated. With the absence of Downton Abbey's easy 50 minute fixes, toddlers have stolen my movie time from me...and with it, that quelling of the need to watch a moving book. Movies are the best. The last one I watched was The Avengers (yeah a year or two late) ... back in April. The one before that was with Anne in March. And that was setting a record! Two movies in two months? Unheard of!

So Anne shot me a message that I should really see "Silver Linings Playbook". I've wanted to since it first came out in theaters. I'm not sure if the content is rated R or not, but the storyline intrigued me and the writing, according to Anne, is fantastic. Along a completely different vein, I really want to see "Jack the Giant Slayer". I know-- Jack and Silver Linings ... totally similar :)

But, with two little ones demanding ALL my attention until 7:30 at night and then a book I'm feverishly trying to finish before September's conference and working on crits for Anne's book, I sapped of movie time.

So! Help me out. I'm starting a list of "Must Sees" and "Don't Waste Your Precious Time" movies.

What do you recommend and what do you abhor in the movie world these days?

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