Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coffee & a Massage--Self Care?

Self Care? Do you do it?

What do you do to take care of yourself? In my work I talk to so many women who struggle to take care of their own well-being. By nature and necessity we often spend our energies on others.

But I haven't read anywhere in the Bible that women are supposed to break apart inside while they throw themselves under the bus for everyone else. Yes, we should serve. Yes, we should love others. Of course, we should. But what I'm talking about is when Satan has taken what God meant for good and twisted it and sucked the life right out of it.

(Credit: Stan Wiechers, Wikimedia Commons)
Doesn't she look beautiful? Doesn't she look uncertain if it's all worth it? Or as if she's wondering if it's enough?

That's when it's time. Time to stop the boat. Get off. Look at your heart and listen to it.

Take care of it.

I can't tell you how many women, when I've touched on this in discussion, break down in tears.
Wonderful women. Exhausted women.

What do you do to take care of yourself?

I posted this question about self care as a poll on my Facebook page once. I was amazed, I got answers like: I try to eat good, I stopped drinking caffeine, I try to exercise--most followed by a confession of guilt and failure. There was a long list, but all of them were physical things, meeting only physical needs.

So, what are you doing to take care of your soul? your spirit? your heart?

Yesterday I got an hour long massage right after my coffee. Then after 48 hours of grueling work and meetings, and two short nights of sleep--I gave myself permission to do as little as possible.

(Credit: Marcin Bober, from Wikimedia Commons)

I know that's not always an option. Children have to be fed. Animals need to be walked. Games must be played. Meetings cannot occur without you.

But, what if the dust waited? What if you missed a Sunday practice to go to church instead? What if there was a stack of papers all over the bar when your friend pops in for a visit? What if there's hair on the floor in the bathroom?  My point is--you don't have to be spotless. In Francesca Battistelli's words: "perfection is my enemy." So what if you've got a couple dents in your fender? The world won't end. Embrace it. Yes, for the sake of rest.

But it's more than that, go deeper.

It's for your soul. Only Jesus makes us perfect. Only Jesus.

So, get your coffee cup. Sit down. Schedule a massage. Listen to Jesus sing over your heart. Do something to take care of your soul, your spirit--your heart.

Reading and writing are a way that I take a break and relax.

So what do you do to take care of yourself amidst the craziness of life?

How do you give yourself grace?


  1. I'm a working mom and sometimes I pay someone to deep clean my house. I usually feel guilty about spending the money, but it's worth it to spend a Saturday with my family instead of cleaning toilets and bathtubs.


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